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Golf Skills: Fairway Shots

My prezi

Caleb Archie

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Golf Skills: Fairway Shots

When teeing off and beginning the ball's next journey to the green, there's a little information needed before making the next stroke. "Ballin on the Fairway" A plethora of golf experts have created
many types of techniques to play the fairway, but usually.. Contact on the Ball Depending on the player's preference of wood or iron, the placement of the ball can effect the contact made on the ball, Square Shoulders Proper alignment is important when swinging any club, but this is especially so when hitting fairway woods. opening the shoulders--the most common alignment fault among amateur players--causes a steeper downswing, which can prevent solid contact. Keeping the shoulders square helps you to strike the ball with a flatter angle of attack, which works with ball position to create a well-struck shot. THINK:
SWEEP & SMOOTH~ Altogether: Such as, The Fairway. Understand these concepts and you will soar to the hole. Good Luck! There wrong, or not too reliable. When most players attempt to hit a wood off the fairway, they tend to try to pick the ball off the surface of the grass. In attempting to do so they make a very flat swing and often end up topping the ball They make the mistake of trying to “sweep” the ball off the ground, sometimes even trying to lift the ball with the club; this results in a thin or “skulled” shot. However, a well-hit fairway wood shot feels solid, and the loft of the club does all the work of getting the ball into the air. With a few simple fundamentals, you can learn to hit fairway wood shots without serendipity lets start with Irons: Because of the density of the metal of an iron,
striking the golf ball focus on hitting the ball just before the bottom of the swing. At the bottom of the swing, the iron should cut a small patch of grass out of the fairway. You should always hit the ball first, and then hit the grass under the left side of the ball, this will the spin and force to drive the ball down the fair. Woods: Knowing the knowledge of Wooden clubs, these will cover a lot of ground which is necessary in case of hazards along the way.your stance with a fairway wood should be wider than what you use when hitting your irons. You want to approach the ball at a more level angle with a fairway wood than you do with your driver, so move the ball back in your stance. If you are a right-handed golfer, the ball should be 4 inches inside your left heel. Next Resist the tendency to overswing, or hurry your swing, in order to generate more clubhead speed and power. Full extension and good tempo will give you all the power you need. You might even deliberately swing with less than your normal speed to make sure you keep your rhythm and balance throughout the swing. Executing a successful swing involves two ideals, sweeping the ball transitioning to a smooth takeoff. Lastly, In depth Slowed Down Caleb Archie
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