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Ebola Presentation-Final

No description

Ryan Ettie

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Ebola Presentation-Final

The effect of Epidemics
By Sophia Kaplan and Ryan ettie
Though Ebola has been recently controlled in Africa, there was a large negative social impact on African societies because of its effect on tradition, education, and poverty.

What is Ebola?

Outbreak began in Africa
Very contagious
Poor health care


Get Infected

Change in schedule
New safety precautions
Burial Traditions
Results of Ebola
Guinea had five-month delay
Liberia was closed for nearly a year
Students Drop out Because of...
Infected family members
Infected Family Members
Social Stigma
Care for them
Parents may die
Big part of culture
Body Rituals
Close contact with bodies
Spirits thought to wander area
Problem with Tradition
Big part of West African culture
Burial traditions
Close contact with bodies
Spread of germs
Westerners/ Health Officials
Invoked fear
Denial of Ebola
Safe burials made
How did Ebola cause poverty?

Death of family members
Decline in workforce
Country's economy unstable
Caulderwood, Kathleen. "Half Of Liberian Workforce Not Working Due To Ebola Virus: World Bank." International Business Times. N.p., 19 Nov. 2014. Web. 02 June 2015.

Drug resistant tuberculosis reemerging
Could kill many and affect economy
Ruins the people as a whole

Number of deaths due to Antibiotic Resistant Diseases
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What is an epidemic?
Infectious disease affecting specific area
Hard to control
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Deaths due to antibiotic resistance by 2050
But there is hope
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Save the Children
Social workers
working non-stop
build awareness
fight the rumors
Businesses have pledged $50.8 million
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