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Three Day Road Timeline

No description


on 13 March 2018

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Transcript of Three Day Road Timeline

Three Day Road Timeline
Xavier and Elijah before the war
During the war
Returning to Canada
Niska before Xavier
Niska lives with her family happily in the traditional ways of her people.
Niska's father kills the windigo.
Her father is arrested by the Canadian police and taken away. While in prison, he dies.

Niska's sister goes to residential school.
After some time, Niska is forcibly taken to the schools.
Unlike Rabbit, Niska is too old for the schools to be effective and she rebels against the institution.
She escapes the school with the help of her mother.
Niska discovers the Frenchman
They begin to have a relationship with each other.
When Niska is asked to divine, the Frenchman realizes why she lives alone and leaves her.
. Niska goes to find the Frenchman only to realize he does not love her.
Niska summons the spirits to help destroy her pain.
The Frenchman commits suicide to escape demons.
Niska returns to her traditional way of life and accepts who she is.

Xavier lives at residential school.
He has only one friend, Elijah.
Elijah's mother is dead so he has no where else to live, but with the nuns.
Niska has dream of young boy, Xavier.
One day, Niska comes and rescues Xavier from the school, but they had to leave Elijah there.
Niska teaches Xavier all that she can about the traditional ways of their people.
Xavier is very good at hunting and adapts easily to living in the bush with Niska.
Xavier kills grouse and moose while out alone in bush and gains his name Little Bird Dancer.
One day, Xavier ask Niska to move closer to town so he can visit his friend, Elijah.
Elijah comes and visits Niska and Xavier for a time, but eventually has to return to the residential school.

Elijah comes to lives with Niska and Xavier.
Xavier teaches Elijah the various ways of their people.
Elijah adapts readily to his new way of life, but he still retains much of his old ways learnt from the residential schools.
When war is declared, Elijah wants to go and fight, so Xavier goes with him to sign up and go to Europe to fight.
To join the war, Elijah and Xavier travel by train. The train ride shows the racism present within Canadian society at the time.
The old man's dream in the train shows the foreshadowing of Elijah's fate.
During training in Canada, Breech's hate for Xavier begins.
During the ship ride to Europe, Elijah has his first taste of morphine.
After their arrival in Europe, Elijah and Xavier are selected to become snipers due to their special skills at hunting.
Elijah begins to show signs of becoming a windigo.
Sean Patrick is killed by German sniper.
Elijah and Xavier spends days looking for sniper and find him, Xavier makes the killing shot.
We learn Elijah's last name is Weesageechack. Weesageechack is a traditional trickster character.
Xavier meets Lisette and develops deep feelings for her.
Elijah tells Xavier about his habit of looking into dead soldiers eyes when burying them. He also begins to collect scalps from his victims.
Xavier leaves the army to return to Lisette, but finds her with another man. Devastated, Xavier returns to the other men.
Upon returning, Xavier is taken to Lieutenant Breech to explain his disappearance for the days he was gone.
While under medical supervision, Xavier refuses to kill the birds in his room,
Elijah makes a joke about horse meat and human meat. This joke causes Xavier to become more suspicious of Elijah.
Thompson and MCcaan are both killed at the Lens.
Xavier receives letter from Niska, but is misunderstood and Xavier believes his auntie has died. He also sees this letter as a sign that he needs to kill Elijah.
Elijah asks Xavier to divine for him, but Xavier refuses.
Xavier tries to kill Elijah by giving him morphine.
Elijah gets to fly in airplane, but he realizes that he is not invincible to death like he thought before.
Elijah kills the injured soldier.
Grey Eyes tells Lieutenant Breech of Elijah's addiction to morphine and his scalping.
Elijah kills both Grey Eyes and Breech.
Xavier has no faith that Elijah will return to his previous self from before the war.
Xavier is upset about the war and throws his tag onto the ground.
Elijah tries to kill Xavier, but Xavier kills Elijah, fulfilling his role as the last windigo killer.
He takes Elijah's name tag.

After killing Elijah, Xavier is injured and loses his leg.
He is taken back to Canada, but is believed to be Elijah.
While in the hospital, Xavier become addicted to morphine because of the pain of losing a leg and the memories of the war being too painful for him to cope with.
Niska comes to take Elijah back home, but discovers that it is Xavier who has returned home.
Xavier, believing that he was returning home to no one has come home prepared to die.
Niska takes Xavier with her on the canoe for the three day journey back home.
During this ride, Niska "feeds" Xavier with the stories of her youth in the hope that it will keep Xavier alive.
Xavier, relives the memories of the war in his damaged mind to help him to heal from what he had experienced during the war.
Xavier slowly uses all his morphine and has to endure the withdrawal from the morphine and to accept what has happened.
Niska and Xavier use the sweat lodge to help with the healing process, so that they can move on with their new lives in a positive direction.
Oral Traditions: The entire novel is told in the interaction between Niska telling Xavier stories and Xavier reliving the past in his mind at first and slowly telling the stories to Niska.
Traditional vs. Modern: Niska and Xavier are one of the last of their people to live in the traditional way. They are part of a trend that causing First Nations to leave their old ways and take on those of the Canadians. The war was a battle like one never seen before. It had elements of the old ways of fighting and was mixed with the new, more deadly technological warfare.
Identity: Niska had to accept who she was and not try to run away from her destiny. She was a windigo killer whether she liked it or not. Elijah's identity was impacted by the abuse he suffered in school. He changes during the war trying to make a name for himself. The ways he went about making a name had a negative influence on him, which ultimately led to him becoming a windigo. Xavier during the war became more sure of who he was. He stayed true to his beliefs and values.
Windigo: Throughout the novel, we learn about the windigo. Elijah exhibits many of the symptoms of what a windigo would develop.
The number three is always present. There is the front line, support line, reserve line. There is food, rest, and women. There is the superstition of lighting three cigarettes with one match. Also in the Canadians religion there is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. . Finally, there is the three day road that everyone takes when they are dying.
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