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Empyrean GameLab Presentation

This is an IGAD project designed by Sassybot's lead designer Marta Clavero. It's a game that will provided a playful experience to the visitors of youngenergyproject.nl

Marta Clavero

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Empyrean GameLab Presentation

Discover a World
of Energy

Games and play benefit education by enabling learning in a much more engaging way.
Introducing players to research and design innovation in the field of energy technology
Wind Energy
a concept by the Belgian arch. Vincent Callebaut
Lilypad ECO-Rig
Innovative Wind Power
Maglev Turbine
Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition
Solar Energy
LilyPad ECO-Rig
concept by belgian architect Vincent Callebaut
Wind Energy in Empyrean
Land Wind Turbine
Off-Shore Wind Farms
Innovative Solar Power
Solar Energy in Empyrean
Spain’s Gemasolar Array
Land Oil Well
Oil Rig
Off-Shore Gas Plant
Gas Plant
Game Demo
Empyrean Building Blocks
Game Interface
Colorful Architecture
Bright, curious children are a national and world resource. They need to be cherished and encouraged.
~ Carl Sagan
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