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All About Me

No description

Harrison Levans

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of All About Me

My Family
I have no brothers and sisters. I live with my Mom and Dad. I have two pets, a dog named Ace and a bearded dragon named Tina.

Academic Stengths/Favorite Subjects
My favorite classes are science and english. I am not only good at them but they teach using my type of learning,kinesthetic. We get to play with things to learn and all we need are three things:
a text book, pencil, and our packets.
My hobbies are wrestling,soccer, and baseball. I like to wrestle because I can move around and its a very competitive sport. I like soccer because I play very good as goalie and that's the most important player on the field. I like baseball because I like to have catches and play pitcher.
School Activities
My activities are movies on Monday and I go to a screening room and watch movies. On Wednesday I have kickball where we go outside and play kickball. On Fridays I have Star Wars club,where we watch Star Wars movies and see collectable items from films and play star wars games.
Favorite Books
My favorite book is the Percy Jackson Series. I like it because it has monsters, action, and adventure throughout the all the books. My other favorite book is
Chasing Lincolns Killer
. Its about John Wilkes Booth and how he killed Lincoln and the twelve day chase for him after.
Unique Interest
My unique interest is that I make contemporary art out of just about everything including trash. I use tape, tinfoil, paper towels, and even medicine bottles to create my masterpieces.

Favorite Music
My favorite music is pop music. My favorite radio station is 20 on 20. My favorite artist is Jason Derulo. I like his songs "Trumpets" and "Talk Dirty."
Favorite Technology
My favorite technology is the I-Pad. I watch videos and play Minecraft and many other games on it. I like that I can take it everywhere even to a restaurant.

All About Me
By:Harrison Levans
Favorite Foods
My favorite foods are pizza with gooey cheese and sauce and its so warm in your mouth. My other favorite

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