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The Cool Suit

No description

Kasey Schwalje

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of The Cool Suit

Question 1
What other information do you have about his space spinoff?

1. It can hold air needed and pressure to keep the person inside the suit alive.
2. It has to be a reasonable temperature to keep the person alive. It can't be too hot or too cold, or the person inside the suit will die.
Question 2
Was this product originally proposed for a mission? Which one?

It is used in all missions.
1. The Mercury Program
2. The Apollo Program
Question 3
Did the design, form, or function of this product change when it was adapted for use on Earth? How?

It helps save lives with people with disorders that affect the body's ability to cool or heat itself.
Question 4
How is this product now used on Earth?

1. Some race car drivers use it to cool themselves off during a race.
2. Astronauts use them for training before they go into space.
The Cool Suit
Question 5
Interesting facts
By: Kasey Schwalje and Ashley Grzeskiewicz
How was this product originally used in space?

1. It allows astronauts to work up to 7 hours.
2. You can work in 500 degree weather, and still stay cool in the suit.
Did you know?

1. The cool suit has to be made of durable material to withstand the impact of space debris.
2. Takes in/ soaks up energy, liquid, or other substances.
3. White is the color of the cool suit.
4. The suit helps prevent heat stress.
5. Throughout the suit there is 300 narrow tubes!
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