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Crystal Meth

No description

Tylerr Smith

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth
-Stimulant Physical Characteristics
Can be sold in many forms:
-Tablets Street Names
-"Crank" when injected
-"ice" or "glass" when smoked
How is it used?/
How does it enter the body?
-Injected Medical Uses
-No medical use because this
drug is illegal
and normaly imported
from mexico illegally Signs and sympomtoms of Use/Abuse
-Mood disturbance
-Violent Behavior
-Insomnia Side effects-physical and
-Increased wakefulness
-Increased physical activity
-Rapid heart rate
-Irregualar heart beat
-Increased blood pressure
-Increased body temperature
-Dental problems Consequences/dangers/Risk
of using Crystal Meth
23-year-old Eric Stone first tried meth
in high school. What started off making him feel
energized soon led to paranoia, homlessness and jail.
-In high school his greatest release of his life was;Marijuana
-Then he began to use and abuse LSD, cocaine, alcohol, cough syrup, and methamphetamine.
-He gained popularity in school and he made the wrong type of friends.(because of the drugs)
-His first use of Meth-he felt amped up.
-"as I continued to use, meth gave me energy and alertness - I could stay up for days and not feel fatigued in any way"
-"At the time I didn't think I was addicted, but now I know that I was from the first moment I tried it.";said Eric.
After his two best friends died; his new best friend became Meth.
(Devastating things that happen in life can cause someone to turn to drugs...but there is always better help out there for you)
-Soon after he started useing meth he didn't get high anymore, instead he started to get paranoid, scared and uncomfortable. (he was still using but didn't get the high he needed or thought he needed)
- Eric started to distance himself from friends and family.
-Soon after, he was cought for stealing, possession of marijuana and numerous underage consumpiton violations.
-He ended up in and out of juvenile detention centers and rehab clinics.
-But even after being in rehab centers, "I still thought that the answer was in the drugs." Said Eric.
(Addiction is not something you can get over; addiction is something that will follow you for the rest of your life.)

-"By 18, I was spiritually dead. I had experienced many bad highs and bad trips, dropped out of high school, lost my popularity and friends and spent most of my time isolating myself in my room using more drugs."
-Drugs don't make you happy in the long-run. Eventually they catch up with you and like Eric you lose your friends and sometimes you can even lose your family.
Eric finally, after doing drugs for so many years, did something about his addiction, he said: "I was sick of hurting all the time and sick and tierd of the addiction. I had experienced too much pain in my life, and doing drugs was no longer something that gave me pleasure"(and this eventualy happends when your an addict, drugs become something you need to just feel normaly),"it was something that controlled my life. After getting a new probation officer who woud make me go to twelve-step meetings numerouse times a week, I relapsed one last time. I then put everything I had into focusing on a recovery. So far, it's worked."
(a twelve-step program is a group of people that you go talk with about whats going on with your adiction and how to overcome it. The steps lead to your recovery).

-Eric has been sober for over 2.5 years now.
-He graduated collage with a 3.9 GPA, with a degree in Chemical Dependence Counseling.
-Eric today: "Meth addiction is cunning and baffiling. It starts out as a harmless and fun thing to do and then, before you know it, your whole life becomes centered on it and it gets to the point where you can't imagine life without it. But you're unable to live with it."
Meth is one of the most addictive drugs out there...So please don't do Meth!.
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