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The Boy in the

No description

Tanner Brady

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The Boy in the

Culture Facts and Connections
His father doesn't want Bruno to see the camp so he's probably hiding it
They moved from a big house to a little house so his father's important in the army
Father's a commander in the army so he's very important to the Nazis
He's rich so he probably is treated better than Shmuel
He is kind to people and respects their feelings so he's been taught to be nice

Shmuel is very skinny so you can infer that he's poor
The boys became friends which resulted in him being killed
they moved to the middle of no wear so he doesn't meet many people
Bruno is taught that Germany is supreme so he probably thinks well of it
The Boy in the
Striped Pajamas

Bruno is German so he probably celebrates German holidays
Bruno has servants so he's probably rich
Bruno's father works in the army so he's probably not home much
They celebrate Christmas so there probably Christian
Bruno's grandma loves to do plays so theater is probably a big part of their life
Shmuel is Jewish so he's treated differently than Bruno
Bruno's sister talks to the maid rudely so she thinks she's the superior one
Their names show there culture so you can identify their culture from there name
Bruno's father is a Nazi so he dislikes Jews
Shmuel is Jewish and that cost him his life

the boy in the stripped pajamas movie trailer
Society facts and connections
Society 2
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