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Outside Sales Clothesline on Salesforce

No description

Devin Treichel

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Outside Sales Clothesline on Salesforce

Outside Sales Clothesline on Salesforce
Outside Sales Clothesline Homepage
Check Out the New Menu
The Outside Sales Clothesline menu has a new look and feel, but the resources you trust are all still there.

Most links do not require VPN, but those that do are marked with (VPN) at the end.

New Animated Sliders
New and improved homepage sliders bring all the latest news to life with eye grabbing animation and timely topics to keep you in the KNOW!

The slider is also touch screen compatible, giving you the ability to swipe between slides.
New Quicklinks
New quicklinks make finding your go-to resources easier than ever before!
Videos Embedded in Slider
Videos are now playable directly from the slider! When you see a play button in the slide just click it to begin watching.

In the caption below there is a link to the Vimeo page so you can view and explore other SanMar videos
Slider Captions
Don't miss the easy-to-read captions below each slider for a quick preview of all slide topics and an easy way to jump between slides in a single click.
Click the arrows below to cycle through presentation
Outside Sales Clothesline is now available through Salesforce
The Outside Sales Clothesline is now located on the tabs section of your Salesforce Homepage
New and improved features make it easier and more engaging than ever before.

No need to logon to VPN (for most resources), and it's now compatible with your mobile and tablet devices!
Begin exploring the new and improved Outside Sales Clothesline on Salesforce today
Access pertinent information from anywhere...
Fill out forms on the go...
Play videos right from the homepage slider...
And so much more!
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