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Abby Mariel Dignos

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of TPAD2

Feasibility Study Tourism Planning and Development CONCLUSION ECONOMIC MALANGAAN CAVE San Rafael, Bulacan INTRODUCTION SAN RAFAEL MALANGAAN CAVE AND SPRING BARANGAY LOCATION NATURAL RESOURCES Climate is characterized by two seasons:
Dry, which starts from November to April
Rainy, from May to October. CLIMATE / WEATHER The destination has mixed landforms. There is a part of the land that is flat, some are hilly and mountainous. But basically it is more of a mountainous area which is actually good for rock climbing and trekking. During rainy season the place is muddy and slippery. TOPOGRAPHY The Malangaan Cave is surrounded by a calm river and a cold spring. If you come to visit it during rainy season you will see that that whole area is bounded by water but still the beauty of the cave prevails. HYDROGRAPHY The place is filled with scrubs and grasses.
Around the destination is an agricultural land which endows stunning impression of nature.
There are different species of birds that can be found within the area of Malangaan cave Flora and Fauna SITE ANALYSIS "The Gateway to the Northern Philippines" INFRASTRUCTURE / ACCESSIBILITY TOURISM FACILITIES Accommodation: •8 Waves Waterpark
•Baluarte Del Pozzino's Resort
•Villa Krizelna Resort Entertainment: Billiard tables
Karaoke stand SWOT ANALYSIS Strength • It is a good destination for those people who love adventure and nature yet do not want to be exhausted traveling in far areas.

• The place is accessible and affordable.

• There are magnificent natural rock formations.

• Various activities can be done in the place such as swimming, caving, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

• It is open to the public. Opportunities • It can be a good nature based destination for those tourists who love nature and adventure that lives in the City because it is near.

• It can be part of the itinerary of San Rafael, Bulacan because it is a potential tourist destination.

• It can attract investors by its pristine beauty.

• The development of Malangaan cave can produce jobs and business opportunities for the locals. Weakness •The area is not yet developed.

•There are only few tourism facilities available in the destination.

•There are no safety signage in the area.

•There is no currently implementation of rules and regulation in the area. Threats •There are many more attractions near the area that are more accessible than Malangaan Cave.

•Due to high rainfall from May-October, the place is flooded.

•There are some companies who are doing quarry near the area that can destroy the rock formations. ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIO-CULTURAL RECOMMENDATION PROPER WASTE DISPOSAL PRESERVATION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE CAVE preventing the usage of water in the cave for household purposes Promotion of Malangaan Cave as a local tourist spot ADDITIONAL F A C I I I T E S MALANGAAN CAVE San Rafael, Bulacan SANTOS, Juan Miguel W.
USI, Niña Charmil D.
DIGNOS, Abby Mariel D.
CAJALA, Lauredaine D.
VALDEZ, Annie J.
DIAZ, Erika Rose B.
BENIALES, Wendelyn C.

09/ 28/ 2012 Road and Bridge Construction •It will be easier to travel and reach the destination safely and conveniently.

•During rainy season, residents will not a have a hard time crossing the river to go to market and buy their necessities. Advantage Disadvantage •It will take years to construct the roads.

•It will need large amount of fund. Signal Access Advantage Disadvantage •People outside the destination can still reach you wherever you are. •You will not be able to fully enjoy the place.

•Building cell sites is costly. Promotion of the Destination •It will help the province of San Rafael Bulacan be known to other people especially to those investors.

•When people gain knowledge about the place, those tourists who love spelunking would actually visit it and experience the wonder of Malangaan Cave and Spring. •It will need large amount of fund to promote the destination well. Advantage Disadvantage Building of accommodations such as Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, etc. •Tourists will be able to have places to stay and relax during their visit in the destination.

•It will create job for the residents who are near in the destination. •Building of such infrastructures would result to leakage. Advantage Disadvantage Information Center Advantage Disadvantage •Visitors would be satisfied and learn more information regarding the background and history of the destination.

•It can create job for the residents within the area. •Building of the information center office may be costly. Signage within the area •Tourist will have an easy way to find the place. N/A Advantage Disadvantage Road and Bridge Construction
Signal Access
Promotion of the Destination
Building of Accommodation such as Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, etc.
Information Center
Signage within the Area •Accidents and breakdown: there are more chances of accidents and breakdown in case of motor transport.

•Disturbance in the host community. N/A Advantage Disadvantage Advantage Disadvantage • It can help to have an easy access to communicate to others. N/A Advantage Disadvantage • People will be aware of the Bulakenyo’s culture.

• It will raise the profile of the destination. •Having been promoted, there is a big chance that tourists will come to the destination which might cause overcrowding and socio-cultural damage. Advantage Disadvantage •There will be more interaction between the tourists and host community. N/A Advantage Disadvantage •The information center staff can explain and inform the tourist about the ways on how they can protect and preserve the environment at the destination. N/A Advantage Disadvantage N/A N/A Promotion of the Destination Signage within the Area Signal Access Information Center Advantage Disadvantage •It can cause disturbance to the environment while building the said infrastructures. N/A Road and Bridge Construction Advantage Disadvantage •High doses of radiation can be devastating to the environment. N/A Advantage Disadvantage •It can help to promote protection of the natural resources.

•People will be more aware of the importance of the environment. N/A Building of accommodations such as Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, etc. Advantage Disadvantage • Building different infrastructure such as accommodations in the area can disturb the calm composure of the environment

• It can destroy the natural features of the destination like the rock formations in the area. N/A Advantage Disadvantage •The information center staff can explain and inform the tourist about the ways on how they can protect and preserve the environment at the destination. N/A Advantage Disadvantage •It will help the tourist to know where is the right way to walk to avoid trampling. N/A
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