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Sex trafficking

The causes and effects of sex trafficking in Eastern Europe and what is being done to resolve this problem.

Sharon Daniel

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Sex trafficking

Sex trafficking What is trafficking It happens to
Women of all ages
from girls as young
as 12 to women as old
as 60. It happens to
Daughters looking to support thier parents, mothers looking to feed thier children and innocent young girls seeking a employment opportunity. Jessica's Story wORK CITED Sex Trafficking around the World recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons for the purpose of exploitation
commercial sexual exploitation including prostitution, pornography, stripping, live-sex shows, mail-order brides, military prostitution and sex tourism. More human slaves in the world today than in the African slave trade 80% of trafficking is Sex trafficking
South and Southeast Asia are some of the original areas
American youths most vulnerable to becoming victims of sex trafficking in this county Difference Between Sex trafficking and prostitution Types of Trafficking Kidnapping
False Promises 270,000 1.4 Million 230,000 250,000 130,000 200,000 Prostitution is the the trade of sex for money and is legal in some countries
Sex trafficking involves the transportation of a human for the purpose of not only sex but other sexual acts
sex trafficking is not legal in any country around the globe 1.2 Million children are trafficked annually 27
Adults 300,000 american youth are at risk
for trafficking into the sex industry United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes. (2009,
March 06). Human trafficking. Retrieved from
trafficking/what-is-human-trafficking.html is the average age
of a sex trafficking victim 12- 14 (United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes, 2009) Every
minutes a child
is being prepared for
sexual explotation 2 Sex trafficking generates about
32 BILLION dollars annually
making it the second most lucrative crime
in the world. Department of Health and Human Services. (n.d.). Sex
trafficking fact sheet. Retrieved from
http://www.acf.hhs.gov/trafficking/about/fact_sex.pdf 30 children have lost their childhood to sexual explotation in the past 30 years Million (Department of Health and Human Services) 13
Children are victims of trafficking
right now (U.S. Dept of State) (UNICEF) (UNICEF) (Berton, A. 2000) (UN) (U.S. Department of Justice) Bertone, A. (2000). Sexual Trafficking in Women:
International Political Economy and the
Politices of Sex. Gender Issues, 18(1), 4. Kotrla, K. (2010). Domestic minor sex trafficking in the
united states. Social Work, 55(2),
181-7.Retrieved from
http://search.proquest.com/docview/193904157?accountid=11078 (IAST) (Kotrla, K. 2010 ) Soroptomist. (n.d.). Sex slavery/trafficking: Frequently
asked questions. Retrieved from
http://www.soroptimist.org/trafficking/faq.html (Soroptomist) In 2009, two Macon, Georgia men were indicted
on charges that they locked a 14-year-old girl
in a house and forced her to have sex with
up to 15 people, then sold her for $500. (Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, Nov. 2009). (macon.com) In 2006,
for every 800 people trafficked, only one trafficker was convicted. 17 US State Department, Trafficking in Persons Report (2007) 43% of trafficked victims are used for forced commercial sexual exploitation, of whom 98 per cent are women and girls More slaves today than ever before.. Unlike drugs, humans can be sold repeatedly.. Only area of international crime in which women are so highly represented.. Physical effects of sex trafficked victims Human trafficking is predicted to surpass the drug trade in less than five years.. •Drug and alcohol addiction •Broken bones, concussions, burns •Traumatic brain injury – perhaps resulting in memory loss •Sexually transmitted diseases •Sterility The slave trade is now the cheapest ever been.. •Miscarriages or forced abortions •Other diseases such as TB and hepatitis Predators utilize the telephone, internet, friends, or even public places.. Psychological effects of sex trafficked victims •Shame •Grief •Fear •Distrust •Self-hatred, suicide and suicidal thoughts •At very high risk for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which can include anxiety, depression, insomnia, physical hyper-alertness,and self-loathing Victims suffer from physical as well as psychological harm.. what can WE do? Donate get involved speak up Support Report
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