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Classical vs. Romantic Ballet

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sumiya oliver

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of Classical vs. Romantic Ballet

What is Romantic Ballet?
Romantic Ballet is primarily and era in Ballet, in which many ideas of romanticism came about and influenced the creation of ballets. The era occurred during the early 19th century and had no immediate end, but rather a slow decline.
Romantic Characteristics
The Romantic era marked the rise of the female ballerinas as a central part.
All the women had soft rounded arms, and a forward tilt in the upper body which made women seem as if they are floating or hovering like an unearthly creature.
Themes of Romantic Ballet deal with fantasy characteristics such as ghosts, fairies, nymphs etc.
The costumes for Romantic Ballet was the "Romantic tutu". It was a full, white, multi-layered skirts full of tulle
Pictures and videos
What is Classical Ballet?
Classical Ballet is a traditional style of ballet, that adheres to its classical technique. Classical Ballet is mainly known for its aesthetics and rigorous technique such as:
pointe work
high extensions
precise movements
turnout of the legs
Classical Characteristics
Classical Ballet specializes in more technique and training. you learn the foundation principles of body movement and form used
Women were used in Classical ballet, but you saw mostly male dancers until later on when Romantic Ballet came in to place
The costumes for Classical Ballet were short. The tutus were very short and stuck out
Pointe shoes weren't really used yet. They were used in class, but women wore flat ballet shoes more than pointe shoes.
Pictures and Videos
Classical Ballet
Romantic Ballet
Romantic Ballet was simply a period of time within Classical Ballet. Nothing really changed, but the length of the tutus.
Romantic Ballet and Classical Ballet still revolved around all the same technique using turn out, the feet positions etc.
Even though Romantic used more pointe, both Classical and Romantic still used pointe shoes

Classical vs. Romantic Ballet
By: Sumiya, Faith, Vaquel, and Gordon
Even though classical Ballet has so many stylistic variations, the performance and movement vocabulary are largely consistent throughout the world.
Examples: La Sylphide, Coppelia, paquita
Examples: Swan Lake, Nutcracker
Ballet originted in the Italian Renaissance courts, and was brought to france by someone named Catherine de' Medici in the 16th century
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