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Suicide Research Presentation

by Eric Chiou, Elias Kamal, Meghna Satish, Abhinav Singh, Ashank Singh, Glenn Shaw, and Diane Zhou ~ Mr. Creger, English 10H, Period 1 ~ June 17, 2013

Diane Zhou

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Suicide Research Presentation

Suicide Prevention
NSP: (Nordic Consortium for Evidence Based Research in Suicide Prevention) serves as an inspiration for suicide prevention treatment guidelines
The Consortium uses the experience pool of all Nordic countries to coordinate suicide prevention strategies.
The NSP Vision:
To share knowledge on the structure and content of suicide prevention across Nordic countries
To pool resources and collaborate across national centres in the compilation of knowledge and preparing scientific publications, and
To collaborate across national centres in seeking funding for suicide research and prevention development projects.

JUNE 17, 2013

• SUICIDE RATE: 15.4 PER 100,000
• POPULATION: 52, 982,000
• At least one suicide is committed every hour in South Africa, and 20 more unsuccessful attempts are made in the same time span.
• Suicide has risen 48 percent over the past 10 years in South Africa, and one third of all non-fatal attempts were recorded among children.
• South African studies have revealed that up to 7.8 percent of schoolchildren had attempted suicide, and about four percent have discussed suicide with their counselors
Risk factors for suicide among the young include the presence of mental illness- especially depression, conduct disorder, alcohol and drug abuse; previous suicide attempts; and the availability of firearms in the home. In South Africa 60% of people who commit suicide are depressed.

The socio-economic context has significant bearing on the prevalence of suicide in South Africa: with high unemployment rates and thus high levels of poverty, South African youths are confronted with significant educational and socio-economic demands – an experience that can feel both overwhelming and paralyzing, most especially when one is attempting to negotiate the significant and already challenging transitions and adjustments that adolescence and early adulthood can bring.
POPULATION: 60,770,000
Most suicides in Italy are committed through the use of firearms, at a total of 12 recorded uses. Suicides through jumping and sharp instruments comes in second at 9 recorded instances, with 4 by hanging and 2 through drugs.
Italy's current economic structure is unstable,with the lower and middle class suffering the most. The country is suffering economic malaise and political disarray, which greatly affects funding for public education.
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Statistics (2009)
Age 10-14: 1.3 per 100,000
Age 15-19: 9.0 per 100,000
All Ages: 11.5 per 100,000
Success: 1/20
Literacy: 99%
Tertiary Education: 51%
Suicide Rate Ages 15-19:

18 per 100,000

5,388,000 people
very common among the elderly
men have a 2-4 times more likely to commit suicide than female
Due to economic and social booms during the 1960-1990's suicide rates have tripled in Finland
However, psychiatrist Jouko Loennqvist, the head of the mental health department of Finland’s National Public Health Institute looks into the cause for the decine in suicide rates.
The government increased fundings towards psychological help to help lessen the rate of suicide.
"Experts meanwhile dismiss the widespread belief that Finland’s dark winters, where the sun doesn’t rise at all in the north for several months, play a role in the suicide rate." (Phil)
In comparison to Korea's top notch education system, Finland's more stressfree way of education has decreased the rate of suicides.

Thank You!

•Has the highest suicide rate among the thirty OCED countries
•The rate of suicide has doubled in the last decade alone
•Suicide is the most common form of death for kids in South Korea.
•28.4 per 100,000 deaths in South Korea are caused by suicide.
•The most common reason for Suicide in South Korea is Psychological despair.
•Many students commit suicide due the pressure from the CSAT (A College Admissions Test)
•Unemployment is also a large factor for the suicide of older adults.
•More than 40 Koreans commit suicide every day, and this is about 5 times as much as the previous generation.

Education and South Korea
•Educational Suicide: South Korea is known as the “suicide capital of the world.” Many parents and children cite the competitive atmosphere found in Korea and the feeling of helplessness and primary reasons for suicide. More than 10% of kids admitted to considering suicide because of academic pressure and bullying. Some kids are unable to handle the huge amount of pressure being put on them due to standardized tests such as the CSAT.
Within Canada
Suicide as a cause of death
Age 15-34: #2
All Ages: #9
#1 cause of suicide: mental illness
#1 method of suicide: hanging
Suicide: #41
Tertiary education: #1
Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

Goal 1: Support people of all ages with mental health problems in their road to recovery.
Goal 2: Promote mental health and prevent mental health problems as much as possible
Goal 3: Accommodate the diverse needs of mentally ill people in Canada.
Goal 4: Recognize the importance of families in mental health and support them.
Goal 5: Provide mental health programs and services that are effective and easily accessible.
Goal 6: Make informed actions, measure outcomes, and advance research in mental health.
Goal 7: Include mentally ill Canadians as valued members of society.
Hypothetical Solution: Aim to fix the corrupt government in order to increase the flow of money into education and maintain it, bringing stability to the education system, which will lower stress and suicide rate.
Suicide in Young People Age Group
"Cybersuicide" - There are numerous websites, blogs, and chatrooms that promote and idealize suicide.
Lack of social and economic resources are major causes of suicide.
Suicidal thoughts often come from feeling hopeless about the future.
Suicide often occurs at times when one is impulsive:
after a fight or argument with someone else
While the Internet allows "cybersuiciding" to occur, the Internet is also a place to promote and spread information about suicide prevention.
There are many health providers and organizations, such as the Canadian Mental Health Association and CASP.
Rate: 9.9 per 100,000
World Ranking: #68
#1 cause of death for soldiers, according to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)
Needs to be studied more as a cause of death for teens. Based on questionaires:
20 times more Jews and 74 times more Arabs attempted suicide than hospitals reported.
18.5% of teens have attempted suicide.
20% of LGBT teens have attempted suicide because of their religious awareness.
Highly valued in Jewish tradition
State Hebrew educational system is working to create equal opportunities for all students in Israel, especially the many new immigrants.
Tertiary Education
Rate: 46%
Ranked #2 in the world
OCED Graphs
•Women are the main suspects of suicide in Afghanistan.
•Nearly 28% of women suffer from depression in Afganistan.
•2300 Afghan women, between 15 and 40, commit suicide.
•The main causes for suicide in Afghanistan are: Mental Illness, Depression, Early Marriage, Rape, and poverty in families.
•Some Youth Groups, such as the Afghan Freedom-Loving Youth Group, are going against the former warlords of Afghanistan and are trying to get more freedom for the public, including women.
•Violence is a huge problem in Afghanistan and violence prevented 5 million children from going to school in the year 2010. Afghanistan also has a very high death rate in terms of teachers and students at school, one of the largest in the world.

1. Equal Rights: If women were given more rights and freedom in Afghan society, they would be less likely to get depressed and hurt themselves .
2. More Protection for Women: Women, even if they are not given equal rights, should be protected at least from problems such as rape and harassment.
The fact that many students do not even attend school and the fact that the academic atmosphere is filled with fear of death as opposed to rigorous competition makes suicide not a realistic option for those who attend school. Kids in Afghanistan just aren’t depressed about performance in school; they have more to worry about such as their own survival and the survival of their peers
Leave the war on the battlefield and Protect the children: If war is a must, then it should be done so that it does not affect the development of children who are trying to work hard in school and lead the future of their countries.

Suicide Statistics

Long-term Suffering
Negative Attention
Period of Raised Awareness
Family/Friend Problems
Life Changing Events
Stress in Life
Sharp Instruments/Firearms
Unwilling to Listen
Watch out for Warning Signs
Be Aware of the Gravity of Topic
Cycle of Depression Continues
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"United States Army Suicide Prevention." United States Army Suicide Prevention. United States Army, 18 Sept. 2011. Web. 10 June 2013.
Ranked: 66th
What can governments do to most effectively prevent youth suicide?
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