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No description

Micheal Mossaad

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of OPAS

If order canceled,
status will be changed to "$+status“. Thank You

Questions (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr OPAS, acronym for Order Processing Automated System, is to automate the order processing of all services.

XNR is created automatically in OPAS after order is created in FILEADE.

Once the order is issued, ACK message will be send to customer. OPAS Order reference numbers.

Four main type of XNRs :-
ADD, CES, MIG and MOD. ADD XNR :-Add new DNAs on the network.
CES XNR :-Delete an existing DNA from the network.
MIG XNR :-Move a DNA from location A to location B.
Upgrade or downgrade a connection.
Change of service type.
MOD XNR :-Change of profile. ADD CIR XNR :- New DLCI to existing FRUNI/FRNNI.
MIG CIR XNR :- Move DLCI from location A to B.
MOD CIR XNR :- Upgrade the CIR/EIR of a DLCI. ADD AUC XNR :- New AUC to an existing ATMIF.
CES AUC XNR :- Delete existing AUC from ATMIF.
MIG AUC XNR :- Move AUC from location A to B.
Configuration workflow When CWO reaches SESAM,
status of the OPAS XNR is CREATED.

When port booking is done by the LDM
and pushes send configuration button in SESAM,
OPAS ADD or MIG XNR status should change to XCFM.
XNMS order gets updated with the DNA and Node booked,
status is FEASIBLE.

When MTN team extract this order to MEDIATUS,
order is changed to XPROV in OPAS.

When MTN team closes the order in MEDIATUS,
XNR status changes to XLOAD in OPAS.
MTN CIWO in SESAM shows ‘Configuration has been loaded’

When SESAM order is CUT,
Completed Date in OPAS gets updated
status of XNR changes to XCLOSED. MTN
Rcheduling Process Rescheduling codes begins with “1/2” Order status is changed from XPROV to RESCHED.
XNMS WO status is changed from WPROV to RESCHED.
Scheduled load date is cleared.
Rescheduling message is sent to CSIC/SDU email address.
CSIC/SDU must open a ticket to CSD Tools for a patch.
CSD Tools will patch the order.
Order is captured by SESAM to trigger on the status.
Wrong or invalid information are corrected into SESAM.
MTN configuration is sent to OPAS again.
Order status changes to XCFM by CSD Tools.
XNMS WO status changes to FEASIBLE by CSD Tools.
New scheduled load date is updated, by CSD Tools. 000-Undefined reason
101-Missing data - User Profile
102-Missing data - Polling Addr
103-Missing data - XID value
114-Missing data - LN/IA or HOST info
115-Missing data - SNA Mnemonic
170-Missing data - missing LMI proc.
171-Missing data - Speed
172-Missing data - LCN Nbr (PVC/DC)
173-Missing data - Remote LCN Nbr (PVC)
174-Data Error - Wrong service type
175-Data error - Duplicated XID value.
176-data error - ITI speed mismatch
177-Data error - Incorrect X3 Prof
178-Data error - Duplicated Poll Addr
179-Customer request
180-Rescheduling on SDU request
181-Traffic detected
183-Data Error - Rmt DNA must be X25 for PU2/Q
212-Data error - Duplicate DNA
213-Data Error - PI / PO already used
214-Data Error - Channel / Time Slots already used
216-Data Error - SAM to reallocate port
217-Data Error - X.25 not allowed on PASSPORT
270-Port under SAM responsibility
271-Data error - Erroneous DNIC or NTN
272-Data error - Eng. rules violation
273-Missing data - Insufficient Megaplex Details
274-Data Error - Megaplex TS already used, reassign
275-Rqstd DTE/DCE conflicts with other port setting
276-Rqstd X21DCE speed conflicts with other port speed
277-Missing data - Channel/First TS/Last TS
278-Rqstd Aal1Svc Typ conflicts with other port service
501-Resources - Node not yet On-line
509-Resources - Node Ceased
510-Resources - V.35 not supported
516-Resources - PI / PO not inserted or not ready
563-Resources - Node not reachable
601-Resources - Product not delivered
602-Resources - PNNI not loaded
604-Resources - PNNI config not complete
605-Resources - PORS not loaded
701-Missing Data - Project under clarif
702-Missing data - Wait for greenlight
703-Remote end XNR needed
801-Network - Node freeze
802-Network-Config freeze lack of bandwidth
901-Weekly batch overflow MTN Meshing
Configuration workflow When meshing is created in FILEADE,
status of the OPAS XNR is CREATED.

When UD call is successful and Ack message is sent,
OPAS CIR ADD XNR status should change to ISS_XWO.
XNMS order status is ISS_XWO.

When MTN team extract this order to MEDIATUS,
order is changed to XPROV in OPAS.
XNMS order status is WPROV.

When MTN team closes the order in MEDIATUS,
XNR status changes to XCLOSED in OPAS. OPAS
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