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Online reading program that helps build fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking.

Melinda Butler

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of Raz-Kids.com

What is Raz-Kids.com?
Raz-Kids.com is an online reading program for students in and out of the classroom. It has animated and leveled books that correlate with interactive quizzes. This reading program allows the students to read books in three different ways: without support, with vocabulary and pronunciation support, and with the book read aloud to them.
Students can practice reading to improve their reading comprehension and fluency anywhere there is internet access.
After reading the book, the students can take an online interactive quiz
In the Classroom
Raz-Kids.com supports the vision for technology in the classroom in many ways. First, it allows for differentiation. Students will be assigned a reading level after using the running records program provided by Raz-Kids. Once students are assigned a level, they are then assigned a username and password that can be used anywhere there is internet access.
Then, once students are introduced to the site, they begin in the Bookroom choosing books to read from their level. This usually involves a choice betweent 20-25 books. Once the student chooses a title, he can choose to experience modeled fluency by having the book read to him. Moving at his own pace, the student will go through his level reading books with and without support and then taking the quizzes online. This engaging and motivating opportunity is one all children love! They love having the opportunity of moving at their own pace.
Age Levels
Raz-Kids has hundreds of books in it's program that are suited for children ages Kindergarten through Grade Six. There are a wide variety of books for these age levels, along with song books, nursery rhymes, and poems.
This is an online program that provides each student with a user name and password.
In my classroom, I would give every student their day to do Raz-Kids guaranteeing them one day for sure. Beyond that, we will have to see how the week goes for them to get extra time on the computer with Raz-Kids. In addition to class time, students will be able to get online at home with their same username and password, with parents permission.

Necessary Equipment
This program provides everything online that the student will need since it is an interactive website. The student will need a working headset, microphone, speakers so that the students will be able to listen as well as record themselves for fluency. A working printer is also beneficial to the student and teacher to print off comprehension reports, running records, and to track the child's progress. Last, of course the program does require an internet connection in order for the students to participate in the interactive website.
Technical Support
Raz-Kids understands that they can only be successful when their educational partners are successful. They also understand the importance of Professional Development. Because of that, they provide several options that include initial training and ongoing support with on-site training and support. Raz-Kids also provides customized webinars for your school or group. Last, they also provide free online monthly webinars that will walk you through the whole Raz-Kids program.
Program Cost
Raz-Kids.com is a subscription based program, meaning it is available 24/7, 365 days a year as long as their is an internet connection. Each student needs their username and password and they are set to work on this website no matter where they are. The program costs approximately $60 per month for 12 months for 10-49 classes, or roughly $600 per year for 10 classes. This breaks down to about $3 per student per month.
The training and technical support is provided free of charge by Raz-Kids.com.
Funding Sources
I propose that we write a grant asking for this online Reading Program from our Timber Ridge Foundation or PTA. Every year they support programs requested by the teachers of Timber Ridge. Those would be the main sources that we could request this program from.
Meeting Standards
This reading program is correlated with the National Common Core. It allows for differentiated instruction as the students will work at their own pace as they move along in the reading curriculum.

This program promotes language domains as it provides opportunities for the students to listen to stories read to them, it allows them to practice their reading repeatedly which in turn builds fluency, and it offers them vocabulary support as needed with more difficult words.
Once the reading practice is completed, the students are given opportunities to use critical thinking skills, or higher order thinking skills with the interactive quizzes.
Effectiveness of Program
This reading program has proven to be effective in our school with the grades that have been fortunate enough to have been given a year subscription to Raz-Kids.com.
We have seen the older students in our school eat up the books. The students love reading on the computer. Their fluency is becoming so much smoother as the repeated reading practice has proven to aide their comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.
The good news is that the teachers in our school have told us that when the students have a choice of going on any website on a teacher's blog, they most often go to Raz-Kids.com. We are seeing improvement in reading scores related to this reading program. Increased achievement is always the goal!
What did I learn?
After researching this program and speaking with the teachers of the classes in our school that use this program, I have found that I too will write a grant to hopefully enrich my students with this highly motivating and engaging program. One of the things I love most about this program is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. I also learned that this program offers mobile apps for the I phone, I pad, and the Adroid. Another benefit to this program is that it allows students to continue over the summer so there will be no lapse in reading gains.
Wow, there is still so much more to tell you about the educator reports that it provides along with running records. My favorite thing is that as the student progresses, he can listen to himself read through the microphone. This allows him to build confidence in himself as a reader. That is what we see that so many students need at this young age. I'm hoping you will see the benefits of this program as I have.
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