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No description

Rawan Al-amin

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of ME

Personal Interests
I am a "People Person."
As a People Person,
I like to volunteer,
I like working with kids,
I like being with friends,
I don't like being alone,
I like helping others.
I enjoy caring for and helping others,
persuading people,
working as part of a team,
and leading and supervising others.
Learning Style
I am a "Tactile/ Visual Learner."
I take notes,

highlight important facts,

I chew gum or snack when I study,
I can easily get distracted,
I use posters or models in the classroom,

I learn information more easily if it is written on the board,
I keep a journal of what I have learned,
Charts and diagrams help me understand better,
I enjoy classes with physical activity.
Sense of Awareness
I enjoy decorating,
I enjoy art,
I like doodling,
I like neatness.
Skills: Helping
I like volunteering,
Helping a friend with a problem,
Caring for people,
Giving advice,

Places I volunteered at:
- Arabic School
- Regular School
- Kids Soccer Program (assistant coach)
- Fun fairs/ fun raisers

Intelligence : Logical
Ranked 3rd in my top 4 intelligences
Things with logical reasoning make sense to me
I ALWAYS make lists for EVERYTHING
I make daily, monthly, and or weekly schedules
I work best at an organized area
I find astronomy interesting and I like star-gazing
Ranked 2nd in my top 4 intelligences
I like to move, tap, or fidget when sitting
I touch objects to examine their textures
I like working with my hands
I like physical activity
Ranked 1st in my top 4 intelligences
I enjoy team sports rather than individual sports
I talk over personal problems with a friend
Being around friends energizes me
Even though I like working with others,
I would rather work independently.
Ranked 4th in my top 4 intelligences
I understand what colors work together
I like to watch movies, my favorite movie is Peter Pan
I have very vivid dreams.
Least intelligence
I don't like reading. I struggle at it.
I prefer multiple choice over short/long answers
I'm not that good at expressing myself
Even though I'm not a verbal/linguistic person, I write decent essays
I'm not good at spelling

Dream Job
Not sure yet
Top 5 Jobs I want to be:
1. Teacher or guidance council
2. Nurse (at cheo)
3. Kids doctor
4. Interior designer
5. Own a Day Care
*Not in order
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