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Tetrahedron Kite - Project

Math 3rd Period


on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Tetrahedron Kite - Project

Project Requirements 1.) Draw a blueprint of the kite
2.) Take pictures for each stages of the kite building and for the powerpoint
3.) Kite must have four tetrahedron sections
4.) Must use only materials given
5.) Must have a powerpoint
6.) Must be able to fly Final Step Finally, tie all the triangles together to get the final look of the tetrahedron kite. Here is a section of it: Group Members: Glen Aguilar, Clarisse Prado, Rachel Prado, Dannika Valerio, Jayann Bob Tetrahedron Kite
Project Project Materials Straws - 8" Approximately 100
Tissue paper (used for gift wrapping)
String or yarn
Scissors Bringing in the materials: Step 1 Step 2 Building the kite frames using the straws and the yarn. Straws measured to be 8 inches. String measured to be 45 - 48 inches. Get two strands of string and 6 straws. Put two strings into one straw. Step 3 Once the frame is finished you grab one sheet of tissue and fold it four times. Then get a stencil and cut it into the shape. After cutting it, put it onto the triangle frames using glue. Step 2 (continued) Step 3 (continued)
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