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King James and Macbeth

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Mert Sehri

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of King James and Macbeth

-Banquo was a non-historical character that was based around king james so shakespeare made banquo's character like a saint and a honorable character
- The play macbeth was specially made for king james and to honour him subliminally

King James
King James and Macbeth
- King James is the VI of Scotland
- King James is the I of England

How the play was influenced by King James
- King James was in interested in witches and witchcraft and even wrote a book about it so thats why the witches were involved by shakespeare.
-Banquo was to be the rightful king after Duncan and 8 generations before king James and when the witches showed Macbeth, Banquos descendants, the eighth generation is supposed to be king James

King James relationship with Macbeth
- Macbeth written to win the favor of King James
- King James was a great admirer of poetry

- The play praised king James
- King James was obsesses with witchcraft therefor Macbeth had witches

- Shakespeare became very wealthy and famous due to this play
- Banquo is meant to be relative of King James; he is praised in the play but was a murderer and committed treason in reality

Biography Of King James VI and I
- Birth June 19th 1566
- Death March 27th 1625
- Known as James VI for Scotland and I for England
- King James was king when he was 13 months
- 4 different people governed during his young age
- He ruled Scotland, England and Ireland
- King James was 37 years old when he became England's King
- He had desires for young men so he was basically a pedophile
King James in Moderation

- King James acts of pedophilia would be unacceptable
- King James advocated Pedophilia
- Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's greatest work of plays.
Mert (MATT), Alex, Selim, Adam
- King James was participating in illegal acts while in power
- King James would not be in power if he was still alive
- He ruled Scotland longer than any of the other rulers
- He wrote Daemonologie (1597), True Law of Free Monarchies (1598), and Basilikon Doron (1599)
- He translated the bible

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- King James had many complicated religious challenges
- He inherited a developing reformed church, the Kirk
- He has been raised by Presbyterian tutors
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