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The memoir of Adeline Yen Mah


on 7 May 2016

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The memoir of Adeline Yen Mah

-Adeline is always the one in the family that is easily forgotten.
-Adeline had a much better life in school.
She won many awards, got very good grades, and had many good friends that were very nice to her.
More Facts
Aunt Baba was the only one that really cared about Adeline, and she was the only one that Adeline really cared about. Aunt Baba shared a room with Adeline, and once, in school, Adeline wrote an essay saying that Aunt Baba was her best friend.

Therefore, even though Adeline received many great awards in school, she never received the true love and understanding that she wanted from her parents.

Main Character(author) -
Adeline Yen Mah ( Yen Jun-ling)
The main older generation - (
mom is dead)
Niang (stepmother)
YeYe (grandfather)
NaiNai (grandmother)
Aunt Baba (her father's sister)
Her Siblings -
Big sister (Lydia)
Big Brother (Gregory)
Second Brother (Edgar)
Third Brother (James)
Fourth Younger Brother (Franklin - stepbrother)
Little Sister (Susan - stepsister)
The true story of an unwanted daughter
Chapter 6 -
After school, nobody came to pick up Adeline. After a long time of waiting, she had to walk home by herself. Luckily, she found a phone in a store and had learned her home phone number just recently. Soon, her dad came to pick her up. At that time, Adeline was only in first grade.
Chapter 1 -
Just one week into kindergarten, Adeline received an award for leading the class. She continuously received this award.

Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong
Chapter 15
- During the flight to Tianjin, Father had to wake Adeline up because he had forgotten her name and didn't even know the date of her birth.
Chapter 10
- Adeline's brothers gave her orange juice, but apparently, they had also put their urine in it.
Chapter 14
- One day, all of Adeline's friends came to her house to congratulate her for becoming class president. However, she was not supposed to have visitors in the house. When Niang found out about this, she did not believe that Adeline had not purposely invited them over, so Adeline got in big trouble, and was sent to Tianjin so she could be separated from Aunt Baba(she was thought to be a bad influence to Adeline).
Chapter 14
- Adeline became class president because of all her academic skills.
Chapter 10
- Adeline led the class for mid term grades in all subjects but art. She also won the Children's Writing Competition.
PREZI made by:

Niang especially disliked Adeline--
Chapter 21
- Adeline won the International Play writing Competition.
--Adeline's 3 older brothers always made fun of her.
Chapter 18
- Adeline's parents showed no love and never came to school to visit her. She was often the only one that stayed in school during breaks.
The Forgotten One
In this book, Adeline tells the story of her painful childhood, from first grade to ninth grade.
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