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Getting a basic understanding of the the Smartsheet platform for project and document management

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on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Smartsheet

Coordinate Anything
Coordinate Anything
What are we talking about?
What is Smartsheet?
Smartsheet allows users to create, manage and share projects, tasks and processes under authorized access.
Smartsheet is accessed and
managed over the Internet.
Smartsheet is a tool for project and document management and collaboration available as software as a service solution (in the 'cloud').
Smartsheet also integrates
with other 'cloud' tools
Among others:
- Google Apps
- Box
Smartsheet is a leading company providing collaboration services safely. Its solution provides easy configuration allowing use Smartsheet to tailor security requirements requested.
Multi-device, multi-platform mobility.
Collaboration with existing systems
Team productivity
Benefits of the tool / platform
Availability and
data security
The Smartsheet users can access on the device of your choice, making information and the power to act on it within reach of the office, at home, on the road, or anywhere.
Smartsheet works with core business systems and cloud applications to close process gaps. Collaboration is safe and smooth, between the systems as well as with others inside and outside the organization.
In a flexible way, Smartsheet helps teams to collaborate on projects, tasks and documents across the organization and between organizations.
Share files
Reminders and alerts
Gantt project diagrams
Integration with Google Apps
Web forms
Spreadsheet features
Management tools
More than a project Platform
Define domains
Single Sign
for administration.
Flexible storage
of files
Licensing options.
Automated provisioning
Employees and
Why Smartsheet?
Careful section process
Six candidates
100+ Candidates in online document and project management tools
Short listed 6 systems after questionnaire among partners in consortium

1. Basecamp - http://www.basecamp.com
2. Alfresco - http://www.alfresco.com
3. Smartsheet - http://www.smartsheet.com
4. Teamwork - http://www.teamworkpm.net
5. Wrike - http://www.wrike.com
6. Huddle - http://www.huddle.com
Non-profit Pricing
Non-profits receive preferred rates on annual plans:
Basic $129/yr,
Advanced $249/yr,
Team $425/yr
(additional Creators $79/yr).
Criteria for selection
Document management
Project management
Collaboration management
Multi language (EN/FR)
User interface
37 Criteria considered
Central System Admin
Karin & Co

Unlimited collaborators
Healthy Entrepreneurs
Swiss TPH
HDP - Rwanda
Cordaid DRC Bukavu
Cordaid Burundi
Possible more...
Make sure that every one understands it
Keep it up to date
Make the people USE it!
Stop mailing docs
Communicate through the system
App for iOS (iPhone / iPad)
Optimized web access for all other mobile devices (Android / Win Phone)
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