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World Geo - subregions

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may guthrie

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of World Geo - subregions

Sub-Regions of the united states The four sub-regions are Northeast, South, Midwest, and the West.

* The Northeast covers a very small amount of the nations land. The middle Atlantic states and "New England" are located in the Northeast.

* Midwest sub-region contains the 12 states of North central U.S. It occupies about 1/5 of the nations land.

* The South covers about 1/4 of the U.S. land area. Texas is located here.

* West sub-region stretches from the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean and includes Alaska and Hawaii. The West covers half of the U.S. land area. Table of Contents *Cover page
*Introduction to 4 sub-regions
*Northeast sub-region and map
*South sub-region and map
*Mid-west sub-region and map
*West sub-region and map Northeast South Mid-west West The Northeast covers only 5 percent of the nation land. but about 20 percent of the population lives there. The six northern states of sub-region- Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts Rhode island, and Connecticut. Referred to as New England. The other three- Pennsylvania, New York, and New jersey. Referred to as Mid-Atlantic states.
Because of its location along the Atlantic coast, the northeast contains many of the areas 1st settled by Europeans. it served as a gateway to America for millions of immigrants. The regions coastal and inland water turned into the heart of trade, commerce, and industry for the nation. The northwest is one of the most heavily industrialized and urbanized areas in the world. the nations first megalopolis was also developed in the northeast. Coal, petrolium, and lumber fueled the industrialization of the region. but most northeasterners are now employed in manufacturing and service industries as electronics, communications, med. reseasrch, etc. The subregion that contains the 12 states of the north-central u.s is the mid-west. It occupies about 1/5 of the nations land and almost 1/4 its people live there. Since the revolutionary war, immigrants from all over have made it their destination. Many early settlers came from Britain, Germany, and Scandonavia. Vast, largely flat plains are a distinctive feature of the region. So are numerous waterways, including the Great Lakes and Mississippi River.
Its favorable climate allows mid-westerners to produce more food than farmers in any comparable are in the world. Its central location and excellent waterways make the mid-west a trade, transportation and distribution center.Chicago is the cultural, financial, transport hub of the midwest. the number of farms are decreasing and people there are now employed in providing services than in traditional industries. South covers about 1/4 us land and contains more than 1/4 its population. 11 of its 16 states made up the confederacy during the cival war. Texas is sometimes includes in an area of the west called the southwest. the souths warm climate and fertile soils and many natural rescources now shaped its development. the south was also the site of early european settlement. Virginia was englands 1st colony . The south was a mix of cultures that reflected the diversity of the settlers. The south used to be a rural agricultural area but is now rapidly changing and its cities are growing. agriculture was the souths first econimic activity and cotton, tobasco, fruit, peanuts, and rice are still grown there. Livestock is important in some states. The south has attracted many manufacturing and service industries. Souths climate attracts many tourists and retirees too. The west consists of 13 states. it stretches from the great plains to the pacific ocean and includes Alaska to the north and Hawaii to the pacific. It covers about 1/2 of the us but has only 1/5 of the population it is a region of varied landscapes. People settle here wherever the climate and landforms are favoraBle. deserts are spaRsely settled, california on the other hand is is the countrys most populated state because of good climate.The west is still growing rapidly. los angeles is the second largest city in the country and the west culture and commercial center. Economic activities aref arming, ranching, food processing, logging, fihing etc. Their beaches make foreign trade with especially asia.
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