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QR Codes In The Classroom

The "What", "Why", & "How" Of Using QR Codes In The Classroom

heather gonzalez

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of QR Codes In The Classroom

Not Your Mama's Barcodes
Before We Start....
* If you have a QR reader app on your smart phone you may use it or download a free app at this time.
*Otherwise please use the iPods provided and log onto the genesis network
*Log onto computers and open browser
Entering Classroom
QR Codes:
What Are They &
How Can We Use Them In The Classroom?
Classroom Uses
Making Learning Interactive
Gallery Walks
Review Games
Scavenger Hunts
Easy Access to Multimedia
Links to Data, Graphs, Charts, Maps
Book Reviews
Answer Keys
Clues, Tips, Extra Help On Assignments
Videos of Missed Labs or Links to Missed Information
Lists of Formulas
Glossary Terms
Word Pronunciation
Parent Communication
Video Tours
Interactive Posters
School, Game, Concert, Event Information
Text, Web Links, Images, Video Links,
Audio Links, PowerPoint, & Voice
What Are QR Codes?
How Can You Use In The Classroom?
How To Create QR Codes?
What Devices Do You Use?
What Rules Students Should Follow?
or iPod
Bring Your Own Device
Classroom Rules

BYOD - Teacher Collects, Baggies At Desks
iPod - Sign-Out Procedure (assigned #'s)
NO Phone Calls/Texting
NO Music/Games
NO Alternate Websites
...Unless Specifically Part Of Lesson
Understand and Follow AUP At ALL TIMES
If Not Following AUP OR Technology Classroom Rules, There Are No 2nd Chances!
Immediately Moved To Paper Assignment
Possible Loss Of BYOD/iPods On All Future Projects
How To Create
QR Codes



http://qrvoice.net = QR Voice

Or Just Search QR Generator

QR Generators

Select Plain Text Option
Type Your Text & Create Code
Can "Shorten" If Needed
Open Downloaded File (Fireworks or Paint)
Save or Cut/Paste into Word
Select Web URL
Click on Image until get URL
Paste Into QR Generator
Download & Save
Images From Internet
Save Pic As PDF
Upload To Blog Space (ex. http://learningspace.nisd.net)
Select Web URL
Paste URL Into QR Generator
Upload PowerPoint To Website (ex. www.slideshare.net)
Select Web URL
Paste URL
Download & Save
YouTube, Animoto, Videolicious already have URL's
Moviemaker would need to be uploaded to either YouTube, SchoolTube, or other site to get a URL

Scavengers Hunt Generators= http://www.classtools.net/QR/
powerpoint by Sherry Mireles & Gloria Rodriguez http://www.slideshare.net/e013937/finalqr-codes-in-the-classroom
powerpoint by Dr. Robert Mayben http://www.slideshare.net/rmayben9/qr-codes-in-the-classroom-12152440

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