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Sociological Autobiography: Amanda Harwerth

No description

Amanda Harwerth

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Sociological Autobiography: Amanda Harwerth

Life Influences
Nuclear family is white, christian, and middle class
Middle/Upper middle class area
High expectations for students in high school; college education expected
Gender Socialization
Different expectations for females vs. males
First movies were Disney Princess movies
Mass Media creates unreal expectations for girls' appearances
Self criticism and low self esteem
Wanted to work in the fashion industry until tenth grade
Career Path
Had to choose between being an art major/tattoo artist or elementary education major
Group conformity: chose elementary education because less controversial in society and with family
School teacher is common job for females
Middle class status would continue as teacher
Now switched to art major and hoping to become a tattoo artist, going against sociological patterns
Sociological Autobiography: Amanda Harwerth
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