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Telecottage-Katedra- Smartphones from the choice to the admi

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Henriett Hangodi

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Telecottage-Katedra- Smartphones from the choice to the admi

Summary and objectives of the Good Practice
To bring participants closer to the digital world
Evaluation and Results of the GP
Implementation and activities of the GP
The Target Groups
Anyone over 18 years
Who is interested in digital communication with smarthones/tablets
Especially occupied, middle-aged people/
Directors of telecottages

Sources of funding
Participants (max. 10 people per training) bring their own smartphones
2 young, professional trainers, who are also competent mentors do the trainings

A Good Practice from
Regional Telecottages Public Association of South Hungarian Plain
The presentation made by Henriett Hangodi (Project Coordinator)

To widen their digital competencies

To make a step forward in digital literacy

Telecottage-Katedra-Smartphones from the choice to the administration
"Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else's."
Joe Bob Briggs

To save time and energy in participants’ personal and professional life.
To improve participants' skills and knowledge so they can take advantage of their smartphones/tablets and their applications

To ease everyday and professional life and telework with teaching participants practiced usage of smartphones
To teach cheap, effective and safe communication

To share and transfer knowledge about the use of smartphones as working and entertaining devices, as well

to the office of our organisation

The training is held on 2 Saturdays, in 10 hours (5 hours per occasion)

The training includes theoretical curriculum in 2 hours and practical curriculum in 8 hours

The topics of the specifically designed curriculum, for example:

types of smartphones/tablets
choosing of the device
e-mail and chat
safety backup
applications and widgets
paying by smartphones/tablets
option for individual consultations

The practical part of the training is a kind of learning by doing

Classroom training session


Individual consultations (optional)

Learning with the help of a mentor individually (optional)

Own resources of the Association serve for advertising the training e.g.: designing and printing leaflets.

The participant fees (paid for the training) finance the room of the training and the trainers.

new training

From the participants' point of view:

More and more people will be able to
share information

without difficulties
with the help of their modern devices.

From our association's point of view:

the key is to implement the training in
2 forms
: in
and in
social enterprise
form on
different levels
larger scale
local, regional, nation-wide, international
more resources
might be allocated from national or EU sources
more trainers
translated training materials
will be needed on international level

Long-term sustainability of the GP
From the participants' point of view:

From our association's point of view

to ease participants' everyday and professional life and teleworking
to make their everyday communication cheap and safe with the help of smartphone/tablet usage
To sum up…
The main goals of our GP are:

To Ease
professional life
with teaching them how to use their smartphones/tablets and their applications
of the online application form of the training:
to have as many trained people as it is possible
to implement the training in subsidized and/or in social enterprise form
To teach


Thus participants will not just simply hold their smartphones/tablets but they will definitely
take advantage of them

well-known organization
containing and supporting most of the telecottages in the region and more and more across Hungary
organising trainings, camps
implementing several projects
What problem does our GP answer?
the incapability of using or taking advantage of smartphones/tablets
many useful applications are not known or used widely
communicational problems
Advertising our GP
Different platforms and various devices for advertising and promoting our training:
the Civil Summer University
the Civil Market (in the local market)
our own-made leaflets
the social media: in the Facebook group of Telecottages of South Hungarian Plain
and on our official Facebook page
circular e-mail through the telehouse network
transferring useful knowledge
actual usage and utilization of the acquired knowledge
innovative: makes a difference in everyday digital life
Our association has own quality policy and quality management system:
Our claim research questionnaire:
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