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Staten Island Ferry

No description

Karla Lucero

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry
The Staten Island ferry was one of the oldest transportation used in New York City before any bridges were built. Its a non-vehicular mate of Staten Island, that gives a new view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. All through the 18th century their has been many owners until it was finally part of the New York City transportation.
The amazing view

The wonderful view is what's the most exciting thing about getting on the ferry. You get to see different views in just one ride. While at it, I would've enjoyed the beautiful view even more if I didn't spend half of the time sitting down. Those who get to ride the ferry should take advantage of their time, instead of sitting down, you guys can go explore almost every inch of the ferry. You should admire what the ferry brings to you.
The MTA connects people in New York to almost any place. We, the students from Sunset Park High School have been exploring new things in New York City that are easy to get to and we can do it for free! Since Sunset Park High School is right next to a train station we are allowed to take the R train towards Manhattan. We get off on the stop Whitehall. When we got out of the train station we were right in front of the Staten Island ferry. It’s a fun experience for people who have never been on a boat and we have an amazing view of both cities and two very famous sights, The Statue of liberty on Liberty Island and Ellis Island.
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