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Egypt's Water

No description

Chandler Swift

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Egypt's Water

Water resources in Egypt are becoming scarce. The people in Egypt are facing water needs which is caused by the growing population. Every year one million people come to Egypt to live. In 2025 Egypt is expected to have a huge population of 86 million people.

Researchers said, " The Nile River is very polluted, including the canals that branch off of it." The waterways are polluted by direct and indirect waste produced by the industrial facilities, and the sewage of towns and villages among them.

The nile river runs about 6,650 km through six countries from its headwater in Burundi to the Mediterranean Sea. Only 1,600 km run through Egypt.

Cairo is located immediately upstream of the Nile delta, which is about 250 km from the Mediterranean sea. Just as the NIle is the primary source of fresh water, at the same time it's also the primary receptor of wastewater and drainage generated by different activities.


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In the middle east, fresh water problems have risen from incresing demand for water generated by rapid urbanization, irrigation, population growth, and industrialization needed to satisfy demand for food. . The Egyptian Ministry of Enviroment recently reported that drinking water pollution has reached complex stages. The number of bodies managing water resources has obstructed a solution.
The ministry'd reported that the nile has greatly suffered from pollution especially in canals branching from it.
WATER POLLUTION IN EGYPT BY: Ingrid and Chandler Everyday, thousands of people die from water related causes, or the lack of acess to clean water. 43% of deaths by water related causes are due to diarrhea. 84% of water related deaths are in children from 0 to 14. Also 98% of water related deaths are in the developing countries. Solutions
-Drive your car less
-Improve sewage treatment
-Prevent further destruction wetlands
-reduce urban runoff of lawn fertilizers and pesticides
-encourage smart agricultural practices

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