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Cantos: 14-17

No description

Alex Smith

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Cantos: 14-17

violence against God

The souls must suffer an eternal fiery rain and fiery sands.

The fires are the wrath of God; because they scorned God in their life, God scorns them now in death.

Literary Devices
"Great flakes of flame fell slowly as snow falls in the Alps on a windless day."

"Like those Alexander met in the hot regions of India, flames raining from the sky to fall still undistinguished on his legions."
Modern People
Thank you!
Summary of Events
Canto 14:
He visits the Forest
Sees lots of naked people suffering
Inconvenient fire everywhere
Meets a poet who scorned God; now he scorns himself in death
The poet is Dante's guide from within the woods
Dante gets hungry
Virgil leads him to a misty area
Works Cited
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New York: Signet, 2001. Print.
Cantos: 14-17
by Alex Smith, Kaya Christman, Caleb Davidson
Why couldn't the shade leave his path to walk with Dante?

Where did Dante and Virgil fly to on the beast?

Name one of the whisps Dante encounters in Canto 16?

Name something that is a shape that goes around and around.
Canto 16
Dante encounters 3 whisps
Jacopo Rusticucci, Guido Guerra, Tehhiaio Aldobrandi
Ask for news of Florence, Dante tells them, and they return to their place
They continue on to the top of the falls and summon a beast
Canto 15
They're leaving the woods of suicide
Came across some shades
Dante remembers one of the shades (Brunetto)
Brunetto leaves the shades and walks with Dante for awhile; they catch up
Brunetto encourages Dante and gives him advice
Brunetto parts from Dante and tells him to not think badly of him
Canto 17:
They encounter the beast they summoned; it is strong and stinky
Dante goes off to talk to a few sinners off to the side while Virgil handles the beast situation
When Dante returns to Virgil, Virgil has mounted the beast
They fly off into space and look down on Hell
A bird flies overhead and speaks of something Dante and Virgil don't know of
They fly down to the 8th circle

The three souls that Dante meets in Canto 16 are all famous nobles and leaders from around Dante's life.

San Benedetto dell'Alpe is a monastery close to Florence.
violence against nature

The souls must constantly walk around in circle. If they stop their walk, they have to lay down for eternity and endure the fire rain laying down

In life, the souls didn't settle down with a partner and children, so in death the souls are not able to settle down.
violence against art

They must huddle on sand with raining fire and are unable to do anything for all eternity.

In life they put down art which made them less important, so in death God has made them less important in Hell; they cant move or do anything
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