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The History of Soccer

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Connor A

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The History of Soccer

Famous players
As you might have guessed with the sport came players some making it down in websites, books, movies, and magazines. Some of these people like Linel Messi, are very talented and are described like the ball stays glued to his feet.
You all know the sport soccer (or in most countries, football). You may have even played it for a couple of seasons. However all of us may know very little or none at all about the history of it. That is what all of you are going to be listening to for my prezi today.
It was...
Soccer was created a LONG time ago and it has changed quite a bit compared to the sport it is today, evidence suggests that soccer was played in china's 2nd and 3rd centuries B.C. Some say that the ancient Greeks and Romans also played "ball" for fun too.
The ball
The players did not hurt themselves down the field for nothing, they had a purpose. They were trying to get a ball to one end of the field into the other teams goal. Originally the ball was a pigs bladder wrapped in leather giving the ball a oval shape. Later (after the development of rubber) the soccer ball became a true ball and finally players could kick the ball straight.
...Now it is
The Layout of the field
History of soccer

The sport later evolved into a violent sport with kicking shins, biting, punching, and there also where not as many rules. Later the sport evolved into the thing it is today with civilized rules and a good game.
Thank you so much for listening today!
The soccer field is a rectangle with a line down the middle shortways creating 2 vertical rectangles if you look at it from the long edge. On the middle of that line is a circle around the center of the field. At either of the long ends there is a hole in the middle if the short side, that is where the players score. Last but not least is the goal boxes, this is where the goalkeeper (the person who guards the goal) can safely use his/her hands to handle the ball. The goal box also has a limit of how many players of the opposite team can be in it so they can't overwhelm the goalkeeper.
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