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Our Path to Fall 2014

No description

Jim Allen

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Our Path to Fall 2014

CBASE Summer Staff Retreat
The Path To Fall 2014
Working as a TEAM
Creating and following a PLAN
Setting and Hitting Weekly Goals
Anticipating the "BUMPS"
Finding enjoyment
Customer Service
Prioritizing (daily / weekly)
Inquiry to Enrollment
Using Call Team Effectively
Smarter vs. Harder
Technology (Tablets)
Elements of Recruiting
Review visit/event evaluations
Campus Tours
Campus Visit Format
Campus Visits/Events
Common Admissions
Worked as a TEAM
Followed the PLAN
Put in the TIME
Expected good RESULTS
We will meet our goals by...
We will achieve our goals because we...
I don't want to hear the word "BROKEN" ever again!
As the year progresses...
Priorities will change
Be ready to make adjustments
Don't let February get you down
As we conclude; I thought I would inject some wise words from Dwight.
If you have to work, you might as well
have some fun
while you're here!
There is no way that the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the people who provide it.
The secret of success is to do the common
things uncommonly well.
John D. Rockefeller
Working as a TEAM
Office Calendar
SWOT Analysis
Everyone has a part in the plan
We don't move forward without it
Enrollment Metrics
Rough draft due August 1
Weekly Goals
Setting and Hitting
Campus Visits
Applications (Conversion Rate)
Admits (Admit Rate)
Deposits (let's get em' early!)

There will be "BUMPS" in the road
How do we overcome
No "I" in TEAM
Inquiry to Enrollment
What's it take to go wire to wire?
Questions that require response.
Predictive modeling.
Include an offer (Promos, freebies, etc.)
Ask students what they want to know and give that to them.
Student Call Team
Training is crucial
Use them effectively
Every call has purpose
Must end with Call to Action
Must set a date to respond
Every recruit is everybody's recruit
Old School is Good School
Take good notes and keep Banner records up to date.
Good artists copy, GREAT artists steal!
Making good use of evaluations
Any common themes?
Immediate changes?
Future changes?
Parent involvement?
We are going to travel more which means we need to be even more organized in-house to make sure the office is covered effectively.
Student Worker/Ambassador
Formal Training
We need an SOP
We need traditions!
We need stories!
We need to grow!
Need our Ambassadors to engage audience
Telling the Friends story
Telling THEIR Friends story
Stopping points along the tour
Campus Visits / Events
What are other institutions doing?
Mini Events (ex: Academics)
Selling points
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