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Working with the Carolina Textile District

No description

Sara Chester

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Working with the Carolina Textile District

Working with the Carolina Textile District
Online Intake Survey
Team Call
Once you've completed the survey, if we feel like we can help you, you may be scheduled for a Team Call with our Partners or an individual call with the main Partner to discuss your product.

Partners are companies and people in the textile value chain that we have worked with in the past and trust.
Entry Fee
If everyone decides to move forward, the District invoices you for a $125 Entry Fee.

This fee covers our time and costs to coordinate with various Partners to create your customized Work Proposal.
Work Proposal Phase
The Work Proposal outlines all costs associated with the creation and pre-production of your product. It provides you with a price estimate to complete your sample.
If you accept the Proposal, 50% of the first stage total will be due at the beginning of the project. You then pay 50% of the stage's total directly to that partner at the beginning of each stage and the final 50% at the end of each stage.
This phase is very important because 90% of the work on your project takes place before Production. This is when you will be actively engaged with our Partners to take your product from being just an idea to being "production ready". Once this pre-production work is complete you will receive a cost estimate from your production Partner.
Our goals are twofold
We look forward to working with you!
The development and production of a textile product can be a complicated process. By bringing together various Partners (Sourcing, Design, Testing, Printing, Packaging, Production), the Carolina Textile District provides direct support and coordination. This creates a space that gives our clients the opportunity to participate and have a hands-on experience! We work with both well-established companies as well as those that are just starting out. We come alongside our Clients as they manage the development and production of their product in order to help ensure their success.
The Carolina Textile District Experience
Production Phase
You will work with your Production Partner during the Production Phase.

This is when your project will come together. It is important to think about production from the beginning to ensure that when you head into production everything is ready. This is why the Carolina Textile District has your Production Partner involved in the entire project, from start to finish!
Complete our online Intake Survey at www.CarolinaTextileDistrict.org. This survey is also found on our Partners' websites (such as Opportunity Threads). The Survey tells us about your product, your needs and how best we can help you. It is
free and takes about ten minutes to complete.
After we receive your survey we will contact you
if your product and process is a good fit for our
team and production capabilities.
1. Help you get your product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2. Promote U.S. regional/local production, sustainable practices and the positive economic growth of our communities.
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