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It's based on WW1 its a historical fiction its really what happened to jews and anyone going to america.

julie mcCarty

on 8 January 2013

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Letters From Rifka PLOT TONE & MOOD Letters from Rifka is about a little girl named Rifka and her family that is leaving Russia and goes through many struggles and trips along the way in order to get to America during WW1. Now Rifka didn't just get to America that quick along the way she got wring worm and had to stay in Antwerp,Belgium while her family went along to America. Rifka starts off from her home land Berdichev, Russia . Russia's background during WW1 was the war between France and Germany .Now it wasn't just France and Germany fighting, all european countries were going against each other so at that time Rifka and her family were going through rough times; not having much food to eat,having to travel across other countries to get to America,and contracting typhus along the way.While all the catastrophic events are going on Rifka writes letters to her cousin Tovah in her Pushkin (Russian journal). EXPOSITION The major characters in the Letters From Rifka are Rifka ,Saul , Nathan , Mama , Papa , and Tovah . Saul is Rifkas sixteen year old brother who teases Rifka , hits her ,but he still loves Rifka ,takes care of her , and watches out for her . Nathan is Rifkas older brother who deserted his regiment. Mama is Rifkas mom who cares , and loves Rifka. Papa is Rifkas dad who cares , and loves Rifka the same. Tovah is Rifkas cousin who reminds Rifka of the good things that are possible to accomplish along the way ( journey). Last but not least but still important RIFKA , Rifka is the most important character of all Rifka is the youngest in the family , Rifka is caring ,determined , and optimistic she always finds a solution to her problems , she cares the same for her family and certainly for others. Saul is Rifkas older brother , he enjoys making fun of Rifka and ,teasing her , but loves Rifka in his own way he loves everybody equally but just doesn't like to show it . In the book Saul is known for his odd relationship with Rifka while he takes care of her when their family goes to America ; the fighting , but then the loving.To me Saul is a dynamic character in the story .

EX: Saul takes care of Rifka while his family is in America . Saul works shifts when taking care of Rifka , so they both have food to eat. SAUL By Karen Hesse Historical Fiction CHARACTERS POINT OF VIEW The point of view in the story is first person and third person. CONFLICT The conflict of the story was when Rifka got ringworm and lost all of her hair and had to be away from her family for a year.The type of conflict is man vs. self. RISING ACTION The rising action in the story is a Polish family that is living during WW1 ,they travel to different countries to find their way to America for freedom. Along the way the family gets a disease called typhus except Rifka , but that's not all the family has been through, there was plenty of more trouble along the journey.This part of the story is important because it's the main reason of the story that lets the reader know how the family had to transport , what time it takes place, and when the family got to America. CLIMAX The climax of the story is when Rifkas
ring worm got cured but, the doctor
( Mr.Fargate) checked Rifkas papers
and said she had to stay on Ellis island
becuase she had no hair and was not
qualified to be married . FALLING ACTION The falling action is when Ilya had Rifkas Pushkin and Ilya told Rifka to read her poem so ,Rifka did when she read her poem Mr.Fargate aked "did you write that"? Rifka replied" y...yes sir " Mr.Fargate signed Rifkas papers and stated you are now an american Rifka everyone cheered but Rifka had a scratch coming on the top of her head she couldn't help but scratch and then her kerchief fell off the doctor saw a spot on Rifkas head Rifka put the kercief back up but not fast enough the doctor came and took it off of Rifkas head and noticed a small patch of hair , Rifka had her hair back. THEME The theme of the story is bravery .The reason why it's bravery is because it's mostly about a girl
that tries to get to America and along the way she stands up for people, her family, and most of all her self. The tone of the story is a
delicate , yet loud & the mood
of the story is sad, gloomy but, exciting ,and happy at the
same time . The advantages of first point of view is it's the way people generally speak using ''I'', ''We'', or ''Us'' and the disadvantages are the reader might think the writer is unprofessional, or immature . The advantages of third point of view is it can create suspense when used correctly and the disadvantages is it can get boring. RESOLUTION The resolution of the story is that Rifka gets to stay in America, and live with her family, and gets to be an American . QUOTES PUSHKIN VERSE My favorite verse of pushkin is ...In hope in torment ,we are turning toward freedom , waiting her command.... - Pushkin This one is my favorite because to me it
means that even if your just hoping or suffering you'll still fight your way to have freedom.
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