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The Phantom Dog Team!

This is my ELA prezi.

lisa prentice

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of The Phantom Dog Team!

The Phantom Dog Team!
By:Harry Paddon

Prezi made by:
Cassie Prentice

My Favourite Part!
"As he stood, the voice of another driver reached his ears, the voice of a man urging his team onward, and, as he looked, a team surged out of the swirling darkness. Nine black and white dogs trotted by almost near enough to touch." (pg.43)
A Quick Summary!
A few days before Christmas Bill and Jane leave to their winter home in Bluff Head with their two kids, 12yr-old Joe and 10yr-old Janet. The two parents then dog sled to Rigolet to trade furs so, they could bring home a few presents for the children. On the way home a bad blizzard hits and they can't find their way home but, then a another dog sled team showed them the trail to their home.
Why was the guy named Smoker?
The guy was named Smoker because everyone said "He vanishes like a puff of smoke."
The Reason Why it is my Favourite.
The reason it is my favourite part is because it is sort of the suspenseful part of the story. I also like the part when Smoker just disappears in to the blizzard because that would have been really cool to see. This part was page 44 and 45.
When did the story take place?
The story took place in the winter time, a few days before Christmas and also 50yrs ago.
Where did the story take place?
The story took place in Bluff Head where their witer home and favourite fishing spot is. It also took place in Rocky Cove a place where their friends lived and it was only 40miles from Rigolet, where the closest trading spot was. The story also takes place in Hudson's Bay Company's kitchen, an open house kept for travellers to stay in and Big Brook Trail, the trail he took home in the blizzard.
Here is a image to represent Bill and Jane's dog sled team.
This picture represents the blizzard they had to go through to come home.
This picture represents the lead dog of the other dog sled team.
This represents it being Christmas in a few days during the story.
This picture represents the family playing with their dogs.
Likes & Dislikes!
I liked the suspense of how they thought the ghost was a real person because it gave the story a better ending.

I disliked how the ghost helped the people get home because it would have been better if they had to find their own way home.
I think the mood was mysterious, suspenseful and strange. I thought this because they didn't find out if it was a ghost or a actual person.
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