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Multiplatform Storytelling

No description

Hannah Wood

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Multiplatform Storytelling

Writing Experiments
Multiplatform Projects
Hannah Wood

A Multiplatform Approach to Immersive & Interactive Storytelling
The Story
Launch Event
The Game
Fictional Immersion: Dr Cara Jones
* How to tell the story of The Pearl via multiplatform media?
* What technological & real world platforms does it play out on?
* How do those platforms integrate to create a coherent storyworld & experience?
* Journalist & online editor at Daily Mirror.
* Inspired an interest in the different needs & opportunities of print & online storytelling.
* What you could do to converge print & online titles & generate audience interaction.
* A multiplatform adventure game. Mashup of theatre, history, interactive storytelling, mobile technology.

* Sept 2013, one night only. 400 live players, 100 staff.

* 30,000+ reach online. Newspaper, radio & TV coverage.
Research blog
FB & Twitter
Player emails
Surfer attack (YouTube)
The Live Game
Official Promo
App Quest Kit
Ship's Roster
Locations/interactions with characters
All written around Plymouth's real history
Peril in form of sea monsters
Live bands
Any Questions?
Multiplatform Writing
Science Lab Romeo & Juliet
Facebook King Lear
BBC Radio 4: A Shoebox of Snow
Alternate Reality Game, Zoetrap
* Plymouth-based interactive storytelling & narrative design company.

* Works across print, digital, mobile, performance, game, radio, & film. Specialising in multiplatform projects that play with narrative form & audience agency.

* Native projects & existing IPs.
Story Juice
Resurgam: The Lost Pearl of Plymouth
Cara infected
Twists & turns in narrative of where pearl was hidden - Hero's Journey
Local artists/community ownership
Final performance on board ghost ship
* Journalist producing print & online content for the UK from Rio, Brazil.
Live Theatre
* Achieved our aim of immersing players in their own adventure experience

* Player survey results rated the experience an average 9/10

* Now a demand for more
"To call it breathtaking would be an understatement, but it's the one word that accurately describes how it felt to take part in this unique, experimental entertainment." (WMN)

"It was like being given the keys to the city."

"Like the Crystal Maze in real life and in my glorious home city Plymouth, thank you for bringing Plymouth to life!"

"I really didn't know what to expect! I'm not great with technology, and have never played any ARG games, so I was a little apprehensive to begin with, but then I started to read the blog and watch the videos and got really involved in the story. The actual experience was amazing, from the app to the actors, the stealthy sea monsters, the amazing places we got to go and the scary and exhilarating chases. The whole evening went beyond what I imagined and I would love to do it again!"

* Size of Storyworld & timeline allowed for a multiplatform approach.

* Story was the glue between platforms. Simple: good vs evil.

* Mobile app was a spine that helped keep players together & on the same narrative line

* Genre. Narrative unconscious. Act & play.
Genre & audience improvisation
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