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The Congo: Victims Lost in history

No description

Lauren Timmermann

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of The Congo: Victims Lost in history


- "Philanthropist" King
- raw materials (rubber and ivory)
- trade route
- mutilation and deaths of 10 million people
- AIA (Africa international association),
CEHC (Study committee of the Upper Congo), AIC (International Congo Society)

King Leopold II
George Washington Williams
Henry Morton Stanley

-Born April 9, 1835 in Brussels
-Congo free state
-Architect of an empire
-longest reign of any Belgian King
-Unpopular by end of reign
-Never visited the Congo

“Perhaps nowhere does Leopold’s breathtaking arrogance show so clearly as in the curious document where he blithely bequeaths one of his countries to the other” Adam Hochschild, King Leopold's Ghost

- Born on January 28, 1841
- Abandoned as a child
- Struggled with self identity
- Was known for writing his own biography
- Real name was John Rollins


- Approached by Leopold
- Known for his extremely harsh rule and disregard for human life
- Leopold's man in the Congo for five years
-Created trails that Porters' would use to transport supplies
-Rivalry with De Brazza caused Stanley to work his men even harder.
- Stanley convinced more than 450 Congo Basin Chiefs to sign there land by manipulating them
"The best punishment is that of irons because without wounding, disfiguring, or torturing the body, it inflicts shame and discomfort."

-Born in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania
-Enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 14.
-Served and went on to become a lieutenant-colonel in the Mexican Army.
-Attended Howard University and Newton Theological Seminary eventually becoming a minister.
-Williams wrote two definitive books on the black experience in the civil war.

"Every Charge which I am about to bring against your majesty's Government has been carefully investigated; a list of competent and veracious witnesses, documents, letters, official records and data has been faithfully prepared" George Washington Williams, The Open Letter

- In 1890 Williams studied conditions in the Belgian Congo
- Commissioned by US president, Benjamin Harrison
- Wrote letter of complaint to Belgian King
- Worked hard to spark movement in US
- Little came of effort
Leopold's Manipulation
Leopold's Victims
Stanley's Violence
Brutality in the Congo
The Open Letter
The Open Letter to Leopold
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