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No description

Vanessa Carriere

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Imagery

Types of
Create your own paragraph that includes imagery!
What is Imagery?
Imagery is descriptive writing that is used by authors which allows the reader to visualize the written text.
Your 5 Senses
What techniques did the author use that helped you create your picture?
- Describes character's inner thoughts and feelings

- Used to describe physical characteristics of anything
By: Emily Crawley and Vanessa Carriere
Topic: Birthday Parties
How does imagery
relate to your five senses?
It enables you to imagine...
Imagery triggers your five senses
The warmth of a fuzzy blanket
The frightened shriek of a young girl
The picturesque view of mountains in British Columbia
TIP: While writing, you can use imagery by including all 5 senses
(How the character feels, as well as what they see, touch, hear and taste).
Amy's lipstick was
red as a child's tongue after sucking on a cherry flavored lollipop.
My teeth
as I walked home from school in the middle of January, surrounded by snow and ice.
Onomatopoeia is word that resembles the sound of what is being referred to.
Similes use the words 'like', 'as' or 'than' to make a comparison between two things.
"Don't act like a Romeo in front of her."

Ex.) As the roller coaster gradually climbs up the track getting ready to dip down into a terrifying drop, I feel anxiety and excitement coursing through me.
Ex.) The trees in the forest were tall, reaching up to the sky, filled with hundreds of birds chirping sweetly.
In an allusion, nouns as well as significant concepts of culture, history, literature, or politics are briefly referenced.
1. Visualization Activity
2. Techniques used in Imagery
3. What is Imagery?
4. Your 5 Senses
5. Types of Imagery
6. Applying Knowledge Activity

Things to Remember
Imagery Techniques
5 Senses
Types of Imagery
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