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Enders Game Project (:

No description

Ashely Avalos

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Enders Game Project (:

Ender's Game (: By : Orson Scott Card (: Ender wins all of the games, but it is not so clear what that means He thinks that the games are no more than they appear, and he does not realize the real meaning of his final game until it is far too late. The difference between what is a game and what is reality becomes less and less clear as the story unfolds. The very first game played in the book is "bug," a game that Peter makes Ender play, and it is a game that all kids play. However, in Ender's case the game is more than it seems, because Peter's hatred for him is real, and he inflicts physical pain upon Ender in the course of the game. This is one game that Ender never winsgers and astronauts," a game that Peter makes Ender play, and it is a game that all kids play. However, in Ender's case the game is more than it seems, because Peter's hatred for him is real, and he inflicts physical pain upon Ender in the course of the game. This is one game that Ender never wins.

Ender is like us people these days because he really doesnt know the meaning of reality and fake. Like thats happing to us as far as technology its taking over the world. People stop doing a lot of things because technology is doing the things they use to do clean, cook etc. Or they are just stuck in phones , televisions and stuff like that, maybe thats why people get sick and stuff because they are always inside and dont do anything just lay down or sit down. Theme : •“Legitimate saints’ names” – As in, all the Wiggin children have the names of saints – and Saint Andrew and Saint Peter were brothers, just as Andrew and Peter are here.

•Salamander – In ye olden days, the salamander was connected to fire in mythology, which is why Bonzo keeps making fire references.

•Phoenix – A mythological bird that lives forever by resurrecting itself in fire, kind of Professor Dumbledore's phoenix Fawks.

Well Enders's Game is fiction but even though its fiction theres things about the bible and God . The reader understands this story by knowing fraces about the bible like Ender is in another planet and even though he is in another planet he will always remember God by his brother name Peter. And hethe reader will know the allusions because even though the story is fictional theres still somethings non fiction like G O D. Allusions : Imagery : Ability - you have to have the ability to do something and most of all Ender.
Geniuses - because they only go to military school, the school Ender went.
Attack - the things they do in the military school is playing games, they play attack the other teams.
Games - the only important things is playing the games they are informed to play.
Military _ the place where they take Ender but its really not a military its a gameroom but far away from earth. Diction : Games

In general, the games symbolize reality. Ender must wear a bugger mask when he plays with Peter, foreshadowing how he will come to understand and sympathize with the buggers. At Battle School, the games consume the children’s lives, so much so that they stop acting like children on Earth and assume the role of commanders. The fantasy game reveals much of the inner turmoil in Ender’s life. Finally, the games he plays at Command School turn out to be real, so that the image he sees actually does mean the destruction of the buggers.

Six-Weeks Theme : The Protagonist : Ender - The younger brother of Peter and Valentine, at age six Ender is chosen by Colonel Graff and the International Fleet to help save mankind from the buggers. Ender is afraid of his brother and loves his sister. Wherever he goes, Ender makes things happen, and by age nine he is given his own army to command. Ender is angry at the various people who manipulate him.Ender is very much a representative of all that is good. He is filled with sorrow for any destruction he causes and wishes no ill to any other creature. He is good because he is kind, but he is also good because he makes the sacrifices that he has to make. It is good to do what is needed, even if what is needed does not seem right. Ender does not hate Graff or Rackham for what they did to him, because he realizes that they did what had to be done. At the same time, he is crushed by the thought that he wiped out an entire race. He is good because he is forgiving—he understands even those who hate him. Finally, Ender is good because he sees his evils and tries to remedy them. Ender represents the best that a person can do, given the circumstances of life. He changed by the end of the story at first he was just a regular boy as other but when he got his keyboared removed he changed into a strong an Ender who he didnt know existed by the end he became a hero. Christ Imagery _
He is a Third, allowed by the government to be born especially to save the Earth. He is always part outcast, part superhuman figure. As such an epic person, his actions are cosmic and touch everyone. Ender must live through a series of moral choices, each harder than the last. His decisions are always for the good of the whole instead of for himself. Valentine is a sort of Madonna figure who loves him and motivates him to go forward. Ender takes on the sins of the world and suffers from the evil he sees, tricked into participating in that evil in order to “end” it. Ender’s name, invented by himself, indicates that he has ended the threat of extinction for humanity.

Since the computer mind game is interactive, the figures are personally symbolic to each player. Ender’s Christ role is foreshadowed by the computer at the challenge called The Giant’s Drink. He must face a Giant who gives him a choice of two drinks. One drink will lead him to Fairyland (paradise), and the other will make him die.

Ender lives in a military futuristic world dominated by machines. The machine is a metaphor for the soldiers the I. F. are trying to create. From age of three to six, Ender has a monitor implanted in his neck, so his perceptions and thoughts can be evaluated by the I. F. officers. He is manipulated and conditioned as though he is a machine without feelings. Ender hates that “He had no control over his own life” Symbolism : "The Mystey Within" , it relates to the theme of this six weeks because Ender never knew he was going to be the chosen one for the militay school. It was a mystery that Ender would survive military school because he missed his family and didnt like how he was treated there. Its really was a mystery how Ender was that intelligent beyond everyone else. Connections : Well i will say Ender is like my friend because she is so into technology that doesnt know between the real world and the fake world. Its like Ender he doesnt know whats right and whats wong.
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