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Adventures in Printmaking with Jami Taback 1

No description

Jami Taback

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Adventures in Printmaking with Jami Taback 1

The children often come from schools that have drastically,
if not altogether cut their art programs,
enjoy profound benefits from my services. The program is based on an intensive mentoring relationship with the kids as they learn about the art of Printmaking as a tool for communication. The process engages the children in something creative, to think about things differently, to meet an artist, but sometimes it sparks an interest, and they find out that they are an artist too. Hi, I am Jami Taback, an artist with a studio in Queens, NY for the last 10 years and exhibiting and working with children for the past 6 years. I am here today to tell you about a program I developed, Adventures in Printmaking, geared towards kids with behavioral problems and special education needs, as well as mainstream. While working with me, they are able to drift over to the right side of their brain, and often their troubles melt away for a little while and creativity moves in to take its place.
I am here to ask for your support to help keep this empowering and engaging project up and running. With these donations, I can go to a school where they can't afford a program like this and tell them that it is a fully funded program! With this goal, I can reach more than 60 children-perhaps at a school near you! For more information about this project, you can go to my website at www.jamitaback.com. to view the quality of the work you will receive when donating to this important program.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
This is one of the exciting murals the Kids created! The possibilities are endless... Look at the POWERFUL and EMPOWERING works of art the children created!

There was a very challeneged little girl, tiny in size who struggled to create a plate to print onto paper at the press.
It was tough going for a while, keeping her engaged in the process, one step at a time. I remember feeling anxious as she went to the press to pull her print, praying that her work would be successful. The print exceeded my expectations, with its vibrant colors and composition.

At that moment, a little girl who could not express herself in words had spoken through her creative spirit and self-expression. The smile on her face will stay with me forever as a symbol of hope and faith.” The subject of fireworks
is uplifting and familiar to all. Look at the amazing work the children have created! The vibrant colors and whimsical interpretations of the subject before them! Printmaking is a process requiring patience, forethought and vision from children who generally do not think to use these efforts
in their daily life.
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