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Social Media in the Physics Classroom

Ways instructors have used social media and web 2.0 in the classroom

Stephanie Chasteen

on 13 November 2010

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Transcript of Social Media in the Physics Classroom

Social Media In and Out of the Classroom

Students' use of social media Teens spend about as much time on social networking and websites as they do watching TV

73% of teens & young adults use social networks (Pew)

80% of young adults on Facebook

Average user spends more time on Facebook than Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and Wikipedia combined (Neilsen) They...
Pick classes on ratemyprofessor.com
Get to know classmates through facebook
Share videos on YouTube
Share photos on flickr

Physics Dept., University of Colorado

Stephanie Chasteen What we get is digital distraction... ban laptops? A student's opinion: "At worst, I play a game of solitaire (something to do with my hands while listening...tantamount to doodling, which actually increases my attention span" ("me" on insidehighered.com) "[The time I want students to pay attention] begins the moment I walk into the classroom and ends the moment I leave it. "Lids Down" down time is therefore all the time."
- Taylor Stoermer on insidehighered.com
Lids down time? you do have that power... Social contract? Wiki-based contract.
Teach responsible use.
Student buy-in.
(Diane Sieber, CU) What do you want to do in your class? In-class backchannel Student/student collaboration Student-teacher communication Virtual class space Your own professional learning If you want your students to tweet you well, then you need to tweet them well "If students are not using laptops to take notes..it is because faculty are not fully engaging them. I think we can and should leverage our students' existing technology skills!"
- GradStudent on insidehighered.com But that's not a service to the students Like Twitter in conference who's tweeting right now? Smart use of social media tools matches what we know about how people learn I prefer multitasking... online class hub / home All links @ http://bit.ly/9GJJrI Give students clear guidelines final thoughts... blogging -> microblogging twitter? not so much really? Geek out on your own first How people learn... Learning is social Metacognition is important Interactive engagement
improves learning metacognition! learning is social reduce cognitive load Motivation & relevance
important Jeff Werner, Flickr photo: Stanford EdTech
on Flickr blog.sciencegeekgirl.com theactiveclass.com @sciencegeekgirl Luc Legay, Flickr examples http://digitalstorytelling.umwblogs.org/syllabus/
All links @ http://bit.ly/9GJJrI Opportunity for social learning??? What we want them to learn How do we manage digital distraction? But which tools? “I would much rather be texting a student usefully at 9:30 on a Saturday than playing catch-up in a purposeless office visit.”
- instructor
They use it a LOT CU-Boulder Physics Department
Science Education Initiative
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