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Caribbean Gods

No description

Lauren Laib

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Caribbean Gods

Caribbean Gods
Close colleague or aspect of Baron-Samedi, he's practically the alter ego of Baron- Samedi, he's related to mortal remains and final resting places. Each and every grave under the protection of Cimetiere is recognized by the cross that adorns it.
It might be a grave error for anyone to tinker with a resting place within
Also known as Baron Saturday. He is The Great Boss, most infamously famous character in Voodou pantheon. Dresses stylishly in all sleek black and an eye glass. When he's not in the graveyard, he enjoys partying, especially on Saturdays, which is why he's known as Baron Saturday.
God of Black Mother and Top Female Goddess. Female manifestation of Bondye. She is the main creator goddess of the sea in Caribbean mythology.
Joyboy is the Spirit of the Drums. His main business is rhythm. He isn't a major god, but he does play an important role in Caribbean Mythology.
God of Fire, War, Iron, Politics, Blacksmiths and Furnaces. He is often seen drinking rum or smoking cigars, or smashing metal in the blacksmith's shop. His various other features come from areas by which metal has performed a vital role like war, agriculture, healing and society generally.
Creation Myth
By: Lauren Laib, Kendyl
Schine, & Katie Schultz

Caribbean Mythology covers the Islands in the Caribbean including Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Slave trade was big in these areas. The slaves took these myths along with them, which is how they spread and caught on. These Gods are mainly Voodou. Voo meaning introspection and Dou meaning Unknown.
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