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Final Presentation

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Brendan Johns

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Final Presentation

PeaKockin Inc! www.peakockininc.com PeaKockin Inc! Broad Demographic
Start-up possibility
Oppertunity for creativity
I really enjoy clothes!! Vision In the next 10 years I would like peacocking Inc to grow into $1,000,000 annually clothing company. Guarantees the highest quality of clothing along with eye popping colors and designs.We will market and distribute the most appealing and widely worn apparel brand.

Our products define quality, style and function! Mission We will form strong relationships with our suppliers and distributors, and with the communities in which we work.

PeaKockin Inc! will build on the foundation of "quality products, quality service, quality employees"

Men- Woman- Product Concept Peacoking Inc is my idea of a clothing company. I really enjoy outrageous colors and clothes with all over print. Basically items that just pop, or grasp peoples attention. This company would be manufacturers of hoodies, t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, belts, jewelry, and swimwear. Bright colors would be the main focus of all products.

I believe this business would be needed for all those consumers who love bright colors. Some people like wearing things that stand out, and that's exactly what these products would do. The company Hot Topic has already cornered the market for darker clothing so why not do something the polar opposite and brighten this world up. It would consist of popular name brands supplemented by our own proprietary brands. And to start out it would only be accessable online. Product Ideas Swimwear:
Men- Woman- Product Ideas Accessories: Competition Indirect competitors:
Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Hot Topic, and Gap.

Direct competitiors:
Vans, Quicksilver, Pacsun Features & Benefits Features/Benefits:
Bright Colors-allows for clothes that pop and catch attention.
Designs- Unique designs keeps clothes busy and fun.
Quality Material- material with emphasis on quality, durability, and sustainability
Website- very accessable and easy to use.Easy to navigate and stylish.
Advertising- Ads just as busy and colorful as clothing. Give the customer a taste of the product. Market Research Created questionare and conducted an interview

Show visual representations of possible product concepts

Method was more personal. It allowed me to understand their likes/dislikes expressed verbally. It also allowed me to gauge their reaction to the visuals of product concepts.

It helped me better determine my target market. The comparison of between the target market and professionals gave me ideas on what i need to do to better attract a broader audience. The "Customer" Target Market size: 85,068,228

My target customer is between the ages of 13-28. My products appeal to both men, woman, and children living above the poverty line. Even people strapped for cash need clothes and people in this age range generally consider them a priority.

Geography wouldn't play a major role, although i would have increased marketing in warmer areas. If i was to open a physical loctaion population density would become key factor in that desicion.

I believe lifestyles are the major role in my target market. This brand will appeal to teens and young adults who live a fast and fun. Much of the fashion influence at PeaKockin Inc! (PKInc!) stores comes from surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, Hip Hop culture, and brands associated with them. Complete designs and determine which designs i want in production.

Decide which other brands i would represent

Fully functional, effective, and appealing website

2013-2020: Assess whether opening physical location would be beneficial. If so, determine profitable market areas (high population densities0 To-Do list
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