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No description

Jonna smith

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Violence

Physical & Mental
During the book 1984 Winston was caught by the Thought Police and brutally punished and tortured. The ministry of love used both mental and physical violence to break Winston down to the wanted outcome. This video shows the worst form of physical and mental punishment/ violence Winston experienced.
in 1984

Categories of Violence
BY: Lexi and Jonna
Modern day Violence
•Violence today is different in many ways than it was in the book 1984. We are not harmed by authorities or fully controlled by one figure. Instead we have turned to harm each other.
In 2005, 5,686 young people were murdered, an
average of 16 each day.
• The youth homicide rate in the U.S. stood at 11.0 per 100,000 compared to France (0.6 per 100 000), Germany (0.8 per 100 000), the United Kingdom (0.9 per 100 000) and Japan (0.4 per 100 000).
Occurs when someone abuses power or uses other forms of violence, such as physical, or mental violence to control someone. This is often seen throughout George Orwell's
Violence is..
Financial abuse
Depriving people
...Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something for their personal gain.
Physical Violence-
Sexual Violence
Physiological/Emotional Violence
Verbal Abuse
Financial Abuse
Forced Power and Control
Physical Violence
Occurs when someone uses a part
of their body or an object to control
your actions in the way they want.
Sexual Violence
Occurs when someone forces a person to
take part in any act of sexual activity when
the other person is unwilling.

Occurs when someone uses threats, harassment
or black mail to influence or force you to do something to their benefit that impairs the
victim's physiological integrity.

Occurs when someone uses words,
weather written or spoken, to cause
someone else harm. Verbal violence is
also closely related to physiological

Occurs when someone controls your
financial state without your consent,
people may do this to try and control
your spending or steal from you.
- Modern families are exposed to even more violence than previous generations because of the media.
- Human trafficking is a for of modern-day slavery.
- Going to war in Afghanistan is
less dangerous than living in Chicago.
- Killing takes place at an average of 87
times each day in America.
63% of boys age 11-20 that commit
murder, kill the man abusing their
Control of goods
and actions.
2 minutes hate
Brutal Truth
In the year 2000 246,000 women survived rape and sexual assault. This is equal to more than 28 women every hour.
Sexual Violence
Power and Control
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Nearly three out of four americans personally
know someone who is or has been a victim
of physical violence
In modern day, emotional damage is
inflicted on someone who has lost self
worth. This can happen from being
put-down, and bullied, such as name
Terrorism is perhaps the worlds biggest
threat with power and control at this
time. Terrorist commit these acts because
they seek the control and power.
The party used nearly every form of violence there is on the people.
Physical- Beating the people/ torture.
Mental- The party mentally manipulates the people into only believing what the party wants
Verbal- Thought crime.
Financial- Controlled income, and rationed goods.
Power & Control- The reason for all of the above.
Violence remains a serious problem even today.
One of the ways people who commit domestic violence, try to make up for it is by lavishing the person with gifts, so enjoy the cup cakes(:
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