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Developing English majors' ICC

No description

Zsófia Menyhei

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of Developing English majors' ICC

Developing English majors' ICC
in the classroom

Exploratory study
Course design
Classroom study 1
Classroom study 2
How intercultural communication (IC) is taught
Teachers' and students' attitude
meaningful activities

appropriate aims and methods?
1. Attitudes
2. Knowledge
3. Skills of interpreting and relating
4. Skills of discovery and interaction
5. Critical cultural awareness
16 BA students of English studies
Research questions referring to:
the social constructivist approach
students' ICC development
(1) 2 questionnaires
(2) teacher's notes
(3) focus-group interview
(1) The social constructivist approach
(2) Students' ICC development
S13: “In this course the things we have learnt are really useful in everyday life. There were a lot of occasions when I told my friend ‘oh actually I’ve learnt about this in one of my classes and I think…’”
S16: “I don’t like the recording of interviews, because it was difficult and I didn’t have any experience about it. Otherwise, it was hard to find a person for the interview.”
S9: “I could use everything that I have learned in my personal stories, by my personal experiences. […] And I could analysed my stories and think about them in an other way.”; “I liked the homeworks because they made me rethink many things”
S13: “We have learnt a lot from it not just about her and her country but also about ourselves and how much more we need to learn about Intercultural Communication.”
learner autonomy
out-of school experiences
critical thinking
critically analyzing films, texts,
news articles
interviewing, collecting information
12 BA students of English studies
The same research questions
(1) 2 questionnaires
(2) self-evaluation sheet
(3) end-of-lesson reflections
(4) teacher's notes
(5) students' assignments
(6) students' portfolios
perceived FL competence
ability to think and
self-reflect critically
1. All participants reported some form of development
3. Insufficient evidence of change - e.g.:
2. Individual differences connected to ICC - e.g.:
"I don't know many things about Arabic people but it's more than enough."
One course and term: not sufficient for change
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