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Mass Media

No description

Aaron Depass

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Mass Media

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.
- Jim Morrison
Mass Media
what exactly is
its really any means of communication that reaches very large amounts of people
so that means its not always...
So now that you know what mass media is, you may ask how has it affected our society throughout history? & In what ways have citizens used this tool to affect society?
Aaron DePass,
McCall Johnson,
Tiffany Gryszko,
Claire Burkhardt, and
Brianna Cochran,

Well the 5 main areas or ways in which mass media has affected society are through...
Political Information
Social Media/Communication
Privacy/Technological Information
Mass media throughout history, has proven that it not only has the power to shape the minds of society, but also to change the functions of it.
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The Media Diary Exercise At The End Of This Chapter May Surprise You As To The Degree To Which You Are Exposed To The Mass, Media In Your Everyday Life. Because Of Their Ubiquity, It Is Difficult For Us To Separate Ourselves From Our Everyday, Largely Mass-, Mediated, Experiences (See Gitlin, 2002). The Challenge For Media Students Is To Stand Back From This Media Saturation For A, and While And Ask Critical Questions Of What We Otherwise Take For Granted In Our Day-To-Day Lives. In Doing So We Have The Poten-. CRITICAL QUESTIONS 1.1 THE MASS MEDIA AND EVERYDAY LIFE (n.d.): n. pag. Web.Aaron's Citation.
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Political Information
Social Media/Communication
Privacy/Technology Information -

Advertising is used by companies to try and sell a product to consumers
Advertising is used by politicians to gain support, and thus votes or campaign contributions
Advertising is used by corporations to obtain a good reputation but not necessarily sell a product
Authors can use advertising to persuade a certain audience in their writing
To actually see how political media has affected society over time, we first have to identify what role media plays in terms of politics and government. More specifically, how has it affected citizens and how they view society?
As you have seen mass media has created many avenues for people all over the world to acquire information, contribute to society, and change lives through the power of information. Throughout history we've seen that mass media has not only affected citizens, but also businesses, and governments. To reflect, we decided to leave with some questions to ponder what life would be like in a society where media did not exist?
1) How would you find out about national and world events?
2) Where would you get your ideas and opinions about those who are ‘different’ from you?
3) How would you know about the views and opinions of the powerful?
4) Would your conversations with family and friends be any different?
5) How would you entertain yourself?
6) How would your use of time be different in your daily life?
Questions curtsey of "The Media Diary Exercise At The End Of This Chapter May Surprise You As To The Degree To Which You Are Exposed To The Mass, Media In Your Everyday Life. Because Of Their Ubiquity, It Is Difficult For Us To Separate Ourselves From Our Everyday, Largely Mass-, Mediated, Experiences (See Gitlin, 2002). The Challenge For Media Students Is To Stand Back From This Media Saturation For A, and While And Ask Critical Questions Of What We Otherwise Take For Granted In Our Day-To-Day Lives. In Doing So We Have The Poten-. CRITICAL QUESTIONS 1.1 THE MASS MEDIA AND EVERYDAY LIFE (n.d.): n. pag. Web."
Quick Recap
We thought it would be cool to hear you all, the audience's, opinion on the media.
Poll Time!
How has the media changed the way we think about government and politics? How has it affected what we think about society in general?
Essential Questions

How has the rise of the internet and media changed how the way our brains function? What role does media play in our ability to comprehend, memorize, and view society as a whole? Hopefully this short video can answer these questions.
Essential Questions

How has the media changed advertising? Why is important for society to adapt to news ways of communicating? How will change in communication in the present and future induce epiphanies that will change people's life? Hopefully we can address some of these questions in this short video.
Affects of Media in the Political Sphere
Enables citizens to question acts of government
Informs citizens about acts on government, issues occurring within society, and the status of the nation
Empowers citizens to participate in acts that are for/against acts of the government
Obviously, these are very important roles that political media presents that affect the functions of government and how people view the government
Enables citizens to question acts of government
Informs citizens about acts on government, issues occurring within society, and the status of the nation
Empowers citizens to participate in acts that are for/against acts of the government
Emmett Till
Provides Valuable, and Comprehensible Information to Public
Gate-keep & Agenda Set
Effects of Whistle-Blowing
Greensboro Sit-Ins
This next video goes on to describe how the rise of the internet and richness of mass media such as CNN, Fox News, and even Facebook has been changing the way we as humans function.
Through these five subjects, hopefully we can describe to you
Edward Snowden
Opens the eyes of many citizens unto the actions of government
Implements justice and erodes corruption in the political sphere.
Emmett Till was an African-American boy from Chicago who was murdered for whistling at a white woman in segregated Mississippi in 1955.
"The Emmett Till murder case in 1955 marked the turning point in the coverage of blacks by the white American press... This media "civil war" continued for about a year after the Till case, raising the question of how to handle race-related news in the news media."
Due to the media and the extreme racism displayed by the killing of Emmett Till people around the nation began to support anti-racism and question southern state governments and their the reasoning behind their actions.
"The death of Emmett Till marked the beginning of the modern Civil Rights Era...It represented everything that was wrong with Mississippi and Mississippi justice."
It was because of the media and its ability to act as a vehicle to distribute news that affected people's personal lives and enabled them to not only form their own opinion about the events going on but also shape their perspective about government moving forward in history.
"My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them." - Edward Snowden
Due to the media and its efforts to broadcast Edward Snowden's message of liberty and transparency citizens of the United States, and abroad were able to gain a significant insight into the actions of the United States government.
It truly gave them the freedom to access information that had the potential to infringe on the privacy of their lives.
Many times the government has used censorship onto the media to limit the peoples ability to questions government actions
One of the most essential and basic tasks of political media.
beholds many responsibilities that shape how political media is viewed by the people.
Allows news networks to determine what is being consumed by their customers, and therefore being thought about, discussed, and possibly put into action.
Role of the media to consolidate this information so that it is comprehensible to citizens.
Determines how people view and understand government
The way something is presented, or bias, is a main reason why there is multiple television news networks and one reason why people have different political views.
Advertising encompasses many different aspects and goals and is used by many different groups and individuals.
18th Century: Posters, News papers
19th Centruy: Billboards and telegraphs
20th Centruy: The Government used Propaganda, while radio, television, and the internet were cultivated
21st Century: The rise of Social Media
The Psychology of Advertising

"Four young black men sat down at a whites- only lunch counter, ordered a cup of coffee and made history."
Probably been the media's most influential, but rare tasks.
Has become significantly more frequent with the rise and impact of social media.
The five years that had passed between the time of Emmett Till's death and the sit-ins, the media had quickly developed in terms of African-american coverage
Changed the definition of protest in America at the time, and changed people's perspective on the persistent, determined, and tenacious motives of the African-American community to achieve equality
people protest
Abortion Laws & Income Inequality
Government Leak & Whistle-Blowing
Media has influence on government decisions
Power of the people and media much stronger in terms of dismantling government authority.
Show their own anger towards the government.

John B. Watson
Founder of behaviorism in America
Effective Advertising has to appeal to love, fear, and rage
Harlow Gale
1895 sent a questionnaire to 200 businesses in Minnesota
how people processed ads “from the time they see the advertisement until they have purchased the article advertised
Walter Dill Scott
Published a book in 1903 called "The Theory and Practice of Advertising"
People are very suggestible and obedient
Two advertising techniques:
1) stating a direct command
2) asking consumers to complete a coupon and mail it into the company
Harry Hollingworth
Advertising had to accomplish four things:

1) Attract a consumer’s attention
2) Focus the attention onto the message
3) Make the consumer remember the message and
4) Cause the consumer to take the desired action (this really determined the effectiveness of an ad)

Persuasion Techniques
"Persuasion is the changing of attitudes by presenting information about another attitude."
Emotional Appeal
Rhetorical Questions
Try to catch all the persuasion techniques that are presented in this one minute commercial
Negative Effects of Advertising
Excessive thinness
Unnatural beauty
Sexual Exploitation
Unattainable Lifestyle
In this commercial you can see that the woman modeling the product is very thin and very beautiful. She is also surrounded by other attractive male models. This portrays the message that buying this mascara will make you more attractive and more desirable to men.
Childhood Obesity
Helps advocate business through advertisements, advertise their products to the public and through marketing where businesses promote and sell products and or services.
Purpose of the Media
Persuade their audience to take some kind of action
Ensure that businesses stay competitive among each other
Many tech companies make money by generating revenue through delivering cost-effective online advertising.
Television advertisement is considered the most effective type of advertisement for businesses
Businesses use online advertisements to promote their products or services to attract customers, for example: banner and text ads.
How do businesses and their acts in regard to using mass media has changed society and the way they generate revenue?
Sales promotions are used by businesses so that businesses are able to gather up information about what types of customers are drawn in by the products and services of the business and where theses consumers are located.
Future of Business
As technological development expands economic globalization favors will as well and new communication channels along with new techniques of commercial messaging will continue to be developed.
Copyright Infringement
Occurs when work is reproduced, distributed and displayed without the permission of the copyright owner.
The industries of entertainment, media, journalism and publishing are affected.
For example, illegal distribution of music kills sales growth and profit. Resulting in the music costing more to produce, and forcing the raise of retail prices of CD’s.
How does the Media Invade the Privacy of Citizens?
To see first we need to understand the definitions of privacy and media. So what do they mean? well....
Privacy: the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.

Media is the main means of mass communication such as TV, radio, newspapers, and the Internet

~There are 2 major groups in our population who are being invaded by media in their private lives. These 2 groups are Celebrities and politicians.
So with all this being said, it is much easier for the media to invade people’s privacy than ever before because of all the social network media out there. People themselves expose their private information online making it available for the media to use.
Their every move is watched and reported to the public. Everyone knows whats going on in these people’s lives
Who’s getting married & who’s divorcing
What they ordered for dinner at a fast food restaurant.
The problem of media invading privacy is especially noticeable during political campaign seasons.
Opposing political parties use media to attack each other by exposing and intruding into their private lives.
The Vice Chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and blogger Clayton Kelly were arrested. Kelly took pictures of Senator Cochran’s sick wife. The pictures were taken at a nursing home without anyone’s permission
Allegedly Kelly used the photos he took of Cochran's wife in a video he posted online in April that was taken down soon after.
What is Social Media?
Social media is all the forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other
Types of Social Media
Blogs, Social Networking, and Videos.
Fun Fact
According to a recent research people today spend 23% of their Internet time on social media.
How does Social Media Affect Business?
Allows them to advertise on social networks like Facebook and twitter to grab the attention of possible customers
Helps them connect globally with possible customers and already established ones
Helps them target multiple different types of customers based on their preference of social media sites.

Example: Ages differences
Social media has caused reduced control over content
customers going online and leaving bad reviews
It’s harder to control and see everything that is posted about your business.
Unpredictable schedules
network users, rather than your own marketing goals, determine the amount of scheduling work to be done.
Bad Publicity Spreads
Hurts business reputation and sales
How Has Social Media Affected Society
Can increase productivity
social media can give your brain a break and help you be more focused when you go back to your work.
Can significantly help us enlarge our social circles
let us befriend people who we never could have been friends with because of where they live.
Can Devalue Relationships
Allows society to put less time and effort into personal and important relationships
Can Decrease Productivity
Causes society to devote more focus to non-important things
Lack of Privacy
Social media encourages people to be more public about their private lives.
"Children are not adults. They do not have the same capacity as grown-ups to critically and accurately evaluate messages they receive. Research has repeatedly shown that cognitive skills, including reasoning and judgment, take years to develop." -Jill Long Thompson
Photographers, bloggers, & journalists should be more ethical in their professions
The media intensifies personal attacks on candidates instead of discussing platforms
Affects people’s political views and how they vote in elections.
Positive Effects of Advertising
Advertisements can inform people, make them more aware, spread new ideas, change society, and more.
Small businesses use local advertisements to let people know they exist to attract costumers
Organizations, such as PETA, use advertisements to raise awareness and persuade people to change their opinions not really to sell a product.
Advertising can help businesses attract consumers and thus stimulate the economy
Fun Facts About Advertising
A York University study revealed that U.S. pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on advertising as they do on research.
TV commercials during Super Bowl XLV in 2011 are estimated to have cost $3 million for a 30-second spot
By the time a person in the United States is 65 years old, he would have seen an estimated two million television commercials
The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that children under eight years old are not able to critically understand advertisements and that they regard them as truthful, accurate, and unbiased.
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