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Final year project presentation

No description

Raushan Baisalbayeva

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Final year project presentation

Web-based Robotic Video Presence System Raushan Baisalbayeva UCD School Of Computer Science and Informatics Overview What is this project about? Goal Human Exploration Telerobotics ATHLETE ROBONAUT 2 SPHERES free-flyers Social Robots QB by Anybots MantaRobot Botiful NAO Humanoid Robot 2 HD cameras
microphone and two speakers located in the ears
Several LEDs are scattered across the whole body of the robot: eyes, ears, chest and feet.
NAO capabilities Text-to-Speech
Sound Detection and Localization
Object and Face recognition
Speech Recognition
Polyglot - 9 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese and French SkypeKit SDK APPROVAL Alternative Solutions Level Of Expertise Time constraints Set of Technologies Objectives modular design of the system flexible and extendible user interface ability to receive video and audio by the remote user a chat functionality for the NAO to pronounce the text easy reflection in user interface of extension of the NAO behaviors library Performance Testing JMeter Compatibility Testing MAC OS X & Linux Mozilla Firefox
Google Crome Usability Testing modular and flexible web application, which provides robot control, while receiving real-time video captured by NAO. remote control supports teleoperation and execution of any preinstalled behavior NAO sends information about a state of the executed behavior to the remote user’s interface Limitations dependence on external library for transmitting video from NAO audio transmission is not supported What was achieved? DEMO TIME Questions? What is this project about?
Related Work
Implemented solution
Demo develop a Skype-like videoconferencing tool for the NAO humanoid robot Implementation Academic Supervisor: Dr. Eleni Mangina
Project Mentor: Dr. Mauro Dragone College of Engineering Mathematical and Physical Sciences
University College Dublin remote interface to control the robot remote control of settings Web user interface Web user interface Web user interface Web user interface
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