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Crossmedia Production MA - Introductory meeting 2011

No description

Indrek Ibrus

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Crossmedia Production MA - Introductory meeting 2011

Crossmedia Production MA First Year Joint programme TLU Baltic Film and Media School
UT Institute of Journalism and Communication + Supported by: TLU Institute of Informatics;
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Entreneurial partners - EMT, Tele2, Regio
- ERR, Kanal2, Ruut
- Delfi, Postimees
- Estonian Film Producers' Association
- Tallinn Culture Cauldron
- Hermes
- Etc. Crossmedia? Transmedia? Intermedia? Social media/TV? New Media Interactive Film Gamificaton? Digital Creative Industries Core aim: Search for new forms of media, of practice, of institutions, of business Experimental! 'Hands on, minds on' Dialogic! Interdisciplinary Curriculum structure: + General subjects In Tartu Crossmedia BFM Creative Industries & Entreneurship BFM/UT/SSER Interactive media TLU IFI MA Production/Thesis Compulsory subjects - 12 ECTS

Theories of modern societies 4 ECTS
Modern media theory 4 ECTS
Network society studies 4 ECTS

Electives - 3 ECTS

Media and communication research methods 4 ECTS
European Media System 3 ECTS
Semiotics of Performance and Multimedia 3+3 ECTS General Subjects Crossmedia module Compulsory subjects - 20 ECTS:

Transmedia storytelling I 4 ECTS
Transmedia storytelling II 5 ECTS
Crossmedia organisation and process 5 ECTS
Internship 6 ECTS

Electives - 9 ECTS

Basics of audiovisual storytelling 6 ECTS
Production for broadcasting 3 ECTS
Production for film 3 ECTS
Interactive video 3 ECTS
New Media Art 3 ECTS
Videogame design 6 ECTS Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship Compulsory Subjects - 12 ECTS

Cultural and Creative Industries: Introduction 4 ECTS
Introduction: Creative Entrepreneurship 3 ECTS
Media Economics 3 ECTS

Electives - 10 ECTS

Advanced Entrepreneurship 7 ECTS
Media Innovation 3 ECTS
Creative Industries Policy in Europe 3 ECTS
E-Marketing 3 ECTS
Integrated communication projects 3 ECTS Interactive media Compulsory subjects - 9 ECTS

Interface and interaction design 4 ECTS
New Interactive Environments 5 ECTS

Valikained 9 ECTS

Introduction and theoretical foundations of new media 4 ECTS
Usability, Accessability and User Friendly Design 5 ECTS
Digital culture 5 ECTS
Experimental input and output 3 ECTS
Interactive information visualization 3 ECTS
Digital interactive audio 3 ECTS
Interactive television 3 ECTS
Mobile interactions 3 ECTS
Game interactions 3 ECTS
Open source management 4 ECTS
Ethics and Law in New Media 5 ECTS
Generative content creation 3 ECTS
Locative technologies 3 ECTS
Ecology of Narratives 3 ECTS Free Electives - 15 ECTS MA Thesis/Production - 20 ECTS Head of the programme - Indrek Ibrus, PhD

BFM: Renira Gambarato (PhD), Dirk Hoyer, Jüri Pihel, etc.

UT IJC: Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt (PhD), Ulrike Rohn (PhD), Külliki Korts, Anu Masso (PhD), etc.

TLU IFI: David Lamas (PhD), Hans Põldoja, Kaupo Kikkas (PhD) jpt.

Visiting scholars: Carlos A. Scolari (PhD), Chris Hales (PhD), Nuno Correia (PhD), Jan Runge, Arnis Sauka (PhD), etc. Faculty Theories of Modern Media - Tartu/ Külliki Seppel
Network Society Studies - Tartu/ Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt
Media Economics - Tartu/Tallinn/Ulrike Rohn
Creative and Cultural Industries - Indrek Ibrus
Basics of audivisual storytelling - Dirk Hoyer
Transmedia storytelling I - Renira Gambarato
Interactive video - Chris Hales
Production for Broadcasting - Jüri Pihel
Mobile interactions - Jürgen Scheible, Jaagup Kippar
Open Source Management - Kaido Kikkas
Interactive Digital Audio - Nuno Correia Courses this term: New house... Facilities Some practicalities... - Costs of travelling betw Tallinn, Tartu and Riga; staying in Tartu and Riga covered
- 2 students with state grants, 2 with BFM grants (depend on results, may be changed)
- Final productions supported
- Internships matter
- BFM facilities/tech are free to use - conditions apply!
- Andres & Renira will have office hours, Jane available (respect working hours!)
- We're trying to be flexible: come and discuss if having suggestions/issues. Lectures within week ...afternoon Credits in Tartu: 24 Blog(s)
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