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destiny caines

No description

Mrs Feeney

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of destiny caines

By:Destiny Caines Period 4 Stocks The reason why
I chose Wetseal
is because I like
The reason I chose walmart is
because they make alot of money
and I bet the person that owns
walmart is like a billionaire Wetseal Walmart EST. 1962 EST. 1962 My advice about investing
is make sure that you pick
a company that you would
think would make good
money and wouldnt lose you
money. The stock market
can be very confusing and
random. What did you like about this project?
I liked how the teachers made a limit on how much you can spend and that showed how much you could buy and it also showed how much you lost or gained everytime you entered your stock price for the day. What would you change about the project ?
I would change the amount of money we had. Walmart facts
By the end of the decade the company grew to 276 stores in 11 states
Walmart also owns sams club
In 1983 the first warehouse was opened up.
Walmart serves more than 200 customers per week at more than 8,424 retail units in 15 different countries. Wetseal facts
Wetseal is in over 80 countries and in 40 currencies.
They have more than 7,000 people including corporate office, feild and store associates.
Summary of Wetseal
For this company i didnt lose money, I gained money.

Summary of Walmart
At some points I lost money but then I gained some of it back. Profit & Loss for wetseal
At first I wasnt gaining that much but as the days went on I was getting more and more money. I benefited alot. Profit & Loss for Walmart
I noticed that through out the whole project it jumped around alot.
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