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Minerals and their functions and sources

No description

amber koelmel

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Minerals and their functions and sources

-found in water, foods, soil
and other minerals.
-found in meat, fish, eggs, and
tea leaves Sodium:
-maintains balance of fluid in a
person's body
-found in mostly Salt Magnesium:
-helps maintain normal muscle
and nerve functions
-regulates blood sugar, and blood
- found in green veggies, bread, and
tap water. Potassium:
-works with sodium to maintain
body's water balance
-works with kidneys to regulate
the levels of potassium
-found in meat, milk and veggies calcium:
-helps free joints of
inflammation and arthritis
-found in dairy products, herbs,
collard greens, and almonds. Minerals Phosphorous:
-helps maintain your body's tissues
-responsible for creating energy used
-found in rice, oats, squash
pumpkin, cheese, edemame
sesame seeds -produces thyroid hormones Iodine: -hormones control how energy is used -found in seaweed, potatoes, milk, shrimp, fish, tuna, and eggs, and salt. Zinc: protects cell membranes from oxidation damage, and stabilizes cell proteins
- found in red meat, lobster, nuts, beans, dairy products, and crab.
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