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No description

Haihong Guo

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Sony

Questions Team 1:
Tonghao Wu, Jarrad Beard
Sam Mester, Haihong Guo Apple Zhao Cloud Gaming: It will give a new look for PS4
-Motion Detection Hardware
-Innovative Marketing Campaign Motion Detection Hardware Stay ahead of competition
-8 Million Kinect sales
-Technology of the Future S-Cloud Part of the PlayStation Network
Cloud storage through Sony devices
Easily Accessible
Compatible with SWERVE
What is capable of being saved in the S-Cloud? Costs SWERVE
-Free with Playstion 4 Purchase
-79.99 Individual Launch Price
---Cheaper than X-box Kinect
-Monthly $7.99
-Yearly $79.99 The future is here Conclusion Introduction of SWERVE
Cloud Campaign
Marketing SWOT Analysis
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