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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Sequence of Events

No description

sergio trevino

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Sequence of Events

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Sequence of Events 1 Tom plays hooky, misses school
and goes swimming. 2 Tom was supposed to whitewash the fence
but told Ben Rogers and more people to paint it. 3 Tom traded some tickets to get the
Bible so he could show off in front
of Becky and Judge Thatcher. 4 Tom arrives late to school and as a punishment
he is seated besides Becky, the girl who he liked,
but he wanted that. 5 Tom and Huck went to the graveyard
and saw how Injun Joe killed Dr. Robinson
and later accused Muff Potter. 6 Tom, Huck and Joe decide to go to an island
called Jackson’s Island because they said that nobody
loved them. 7 Tom returns home in a ferry and he goes under the bed and heard Mary, Sid, Aunt Polly and Joe’s mother talking in the bed saying that they missed them a lot. 8 The boys were smoking in the island. 9 They three boys had a plan to return home
the day that it was their funeral and everyone
was glad they had come back. 10 Tom and Huck wanted to find a treasure
to get a lot of money, so they started digging for it.
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