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Lord of the Flies Timeline

this is timeline of key events in Lord of the Flies

Alex Millette

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Timeline

Lord of the Flies Timeline By Alex Millette Info
The following will explain the important events of Lord of the Flies in chronological order. At the beginning of the book, the boys plane crashes onto the island, leaving the group of boys stranded. Jack and his choir announce that they are going to be the hunters, this is where the hunt begins. The Election
Before all officially starts, the boys have a vote of who should be leader between Jack and Ralph. Ralph ends up winning and Jack is obviously not pleased. Lack of Work
After a few days that Ralph was elected leader and jobs were assigned, some people were not helping out and Ralph and Simon were doing most of the work like building the huts. The First Sign of the Beast
The first siting of the beast occurs when a littlun claims seeing it, this is where some of the terror and savagery begin to surface. After the Siting
After claiming to see the beast, the small society of boys go back to the problem they had before, the conflict between Jack and Ralph about over hunting and not helping out with other tasks. Savagry Climbimg
As the boys spend more time on the island, the signs of savagry occur when the boys chant "Kill the Pig, Spill her blood."
The What Is Meeting
After the boys get scared of the beast story, the boys call a meeting to figure things out, this meeting was not formal at all and was out of control, there were also divisions during this meeting. Beast From the Air
During the night, a plane is shot down and the pilot ejects to a parachute, this scares the boys and convinces them there is a beast and they go and try to find it. The Arguement
While on a hunt, Robert and Ralph argue over hitting a pig and the boys are needed to be seperated, this shows signs that there is great tention between the hunters and the others. The Split
After an arguement at a meeting, Jack takes his hunters and splits apart from the others and encourages others to join, then they have a feast and at the this feast their is utter chaos. Simons Death
The chaos at the feast causes the them to mistaken Simon for the beast, by killing him, Simon was coming back from his quiet place to tell the others the truth about the beast. Stealing
After the death of Simon, not long after, Jack's group attack Ralphs in the middle of the night to steal Piggy's glasses. Piggy's Death
While confronting Jack about the theft, Piggy explains how he has the conch and tries to talk, but then Roger pushes a huge rock on him, killing Piggy. The Final Hunt
After Piggy's death, Ralph is alone and Jack orders his hunters to find him to kill him, while they chase him across the island and burn the jungle, the Navy shows up and thinks the boys are playing a game. What Jack and the hunters did was nothing but savagry. The end
Well, that is the Lord of the Flies timeline, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching.
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